Top Trend 2017: Lapis Blue Color

February 6, 2017
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This week we’d like to start from continuing our travel across Top-10 colors for the year 2017 announced by Pantone. We have already reviewed two top shades of green – Greenery and Kale, and two pinkish hues – Pink Yarrow and Pale Dogwood. Now it’s high time to learn more about the bluest color of this list – Lapis Blue. Today we’ll find out how this color should be applied in interior design and what to combine it with.


Lapis Blue is a deep and noble shade of blue color that embodies the essence of luxury and serenity concepts. The thing is that lapis stands for lapis lazuli – an opaque mineral of beautiful saturated blue color.


Lapis Blue can be safely used both in living quarters and interiors of public places. But given that the color is noble and pretty bright, it’s more suitable for so-called public areas of our homes – a study, a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom. Before using this shade of blue there’s just one key thing to consider – too much lapis blue will cause depressed state; hence it must be competently combined with other colors of the palette.

For instance, lapis blue is an ideal partner to one more top color 2017 — Pale Dogwood. This unconventional and bold mixture of powdered warm Pale Dogwood and cold Lapis Blue will ideally fit into interiors of living rooms and bedrooms.

1--top-colors-2017-Pantone-lapis-blue-in-interior-design-and-pale-dogwood-powder-pink-bedroom-living-room-sofa-bed-walls 2-top-colors-2017-Pantone-lapis-blue-in-interior-design-and-pale-dogwood-powder-pink-kitchen-set-living-room-walls-arm-chair

Lapis Blue in Bedrooms

As far as bedroom interior design is concerned, you shouldn’t overload this room with this color – a few accents in furnishing or home textile would be absolutely enough. A nice option, for example, is to have white walls, dark wooden floor, neutral light furniture and upholstered capitone headboard in lapis blue.

3-top-colors-2017-Pantone-lapis-blue-in-interior-design-capitone-upholstered-headboard-bed-bedroom-bedside-lamp-beige-walls 4-top-colors-2017-Pantone-lapis-blue-in-interior-design-bedroom-bedspread-upholstered-headboard-capitone-bed

And if you don’t mind experimenting and feel good about bright color schemes, try to paint one wall lapis blue and support it with some blue elements in home textile and décor.


Lapis Blue in Living Rooms

According to professional interior designers, the best room for application of lapis blue in our homes is a living room. What is astonishing about this hue is that just a few details of lapis blue color can add ultimate stylishness and originality to the interior. Quite an extravagant, yet very tasteful choice is the mixture of lapis blue and yellow shades. One of the walls can be coated with textured lapis blue wallpaper, while the rest of the walls can be left white and dressed up with moldings. And a yellow sofa will bring a finishing touch to the image.


If you heart is sooner set upon classics, the combination of lapis blue and white would be a great option. This is a frequent choice of interior designers, especially when it comes to mixing white walls with massive crown moldings and lapis blue pieces of furniture.


Lapis Blue in Kitchens

Probably, you heard that bluish shades are good at reducing the appetite, hence in kitchens lapis blue can be safely used as a secondary color to predominant blue and gray scheme, for example. For instance, light walls, a white kitchen set and a lapis blue backsplash is a win-win option, which will never go out of fashion.


Another option for lapis blue in kitchen interiors is having base cabinets of this color and neutral light upper cabinets. Choosing a reverse option, you will feel distressed and pressured by too much blue above your head.


Lapis Blue in Dining Rooms

As for dining rooms, the golden rule is exactly the same as in kitchens – lapis blue is good in accents: chair cushions, home textile or small items of décor. Nice “partners” for lapis blue in this room are natural wood and bronze.

10-top-colors-2017-Pantone-lapis-blue-in-interior-design-dining-room-set-chairs-table-walls-lamps 11-top-colors-2017-Pantone-lapis-blue-in-interior-design-dining-room-table-setting-napkins-tablecloth-wall-art-pictures-sofa

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