11 Creative Wall Decor Ideas

February 7, 2017
Posted in Decor

You want to fresh up your interior a little bit, but don’t feel like spending much time and effort, do you? Then this article is just for you. Draw inspiration, grab the ideas and go ahead to marvelous interior design changes.


Infinite abundance of wall décor options offered by manufacturers has generated a new wave of enthusiasm for handmade stuff. Ironically, the bigger the choice of goods in stores is, the harder it becomes to choose something a building materials store.

Moreover, we strive for something that would be not just original, but exclusive and one-of-a-kind. And overwhelmed by creative searching, we grab our paintbrushes and jars of paints. In fact, you neither need special education, not complex equipment, nor any artistic skills to create a unique piece of art on your wall.


For instance, a stencil can be custom-made in a printing house, family photos can dress up a door, and painted moldings can be fixed with a hot glue gun.


Do you feel like creating something extraordinary? Then cut your chairs into 2 parts and fix them on a wall as on the image below. This is, probably, the most  convenient rack in the world. Original and pretty simple at the same time.


Handmade décor is not a piece of art – it’s just a nice idea implemented with pleasure and good mood.


By the way, wall décor can be also created using mixed techniques and appliqués. The latter are so plain that even a small kid can handle it.


As for mixed techniques, they require more fantasy, time and materials. How do you like an idea about a world map, pins and labels featuring your favorite vacation photos?


Or maybe an option with elastics and clothes pegs?


By the way, using a stencil you can make golden wall décor.


Are you drawn towards conceptualism? Then your choice of wall décor will be especially original


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