French-Style Apartment with Many Bespoke Elements (Part 2)

February 7, 2017
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Let’s continue the overview of a beautiful apartment in French style featuring loads of bespoke elements and well-thought-out details making it truly special.


Living Room

The other wall of the open-space living room is also special. The faux brick décor for this curved wall is entirely handmade. Especially for this purpose custom-made were a few molds for casting plaster. As soon as the wall was finished with these decorative bricks, the clients literally fell in love with the color of plaster and the way the shades of “bricks” emphasize the texture and original shape of the curved wall. Hence it was decided to coat the wall with matte lacquer – to preserve the material and simplify the cleaning issues.

The rest of the walls are finished with decorative plaster. It’s applied in slight strokes and is also convenient and practical in terms of cleaning.

1-white-gray-brown-French-style-open-concept-living-dining-room-kitchen-interior-design-faux-brick-plaster-3D-chocolate-MDF-wall-chandelier-island-table-mismatched-chairs 2-white-gray-brown-French-style-open-concept-living-dining-room-kitchen-interior-design-faux-brick-plaster-3D-chocolate-MDF-wall-chandelier-island-table-mismatched-chairs


The kitchen furniture’s story also deserves a special mention. Primarily it was planned to buy a ready-made kitchen set from IKEA. The clients liked this option on a 3D interior design model and finally confirmed it the fiberboard set in gray fiberboard. But when it was time for ordering a kitchen set, IKEA Company had already changed the range of sizes and the height of the chosen option was no longer appropriate. Then it was high time for a designer to step in.  She has worked out the sketch and order the same gray kitchen set design from a private furniture factory, but now in natural wood.



To enhance the noble style concept of the bedroom its two walls were dressed up with Victorian baseboards. Ready-made options were not ideal in size and design, so these elements were also custom-designed and made from MDF. And final enamel coating gave the surface additional silkiness and a pleasing touch. Also the bedroom includes a cozy work area.

5-white-green-gray-brown-French-style-bedroom-interior-design-floral-wallpaper-upholstered-capitone-bed-classical-bedside-lamps 8-white-green-gray-brown-French-style-bedroom-interior-design-floral-wallpaper-upholstered-capitone-bed-headboard-classical-bedside-lamps-tables-ottoman-dark-floor 6-white-green-gray-brown-French-style-open-concept-bedroom-interior-design-work-place-desk-chair-capitone-upholstered-bed-headboard-classical-bedside-table-lamp-nightstand

Toddler Room

Primary wall color for this room was chosen by its inhabitant. Both the boy and his father are devoted football fans, and this hobby pre-determined the room interior design. One of the walls was coated with themed football wallpaper and supported with a ball-shaped frameless arm-chair. Given that the kid is very active, one of the room parts was organized as sports corner. To protect the walls in this zone, they were finished with corkwood.

11-green-and-white-traditional-kid's-bedroom-toddler-room-interior-design-football-inspired-carpet-loft-bed-wallpaper-ball-frameless-chair-corkwood-wall-sports-corner-climbing-frame 9-green-and-white-traditional-kid's-bedroom-toddler-room-interior-design-football-inspired-carpet-loft-bed 10-green-and-yellow-toddler-room-kid's-bedroom-interior-design-sports-corner-corkwood-wall-climbing-frame

Bathroom and Laundry

After all the layout alterations the apartment got two bathrooms – one for guests and the other for the masters. The latter features a full-fledged bath, while the former has a shower cabin. Besides two bathrooms there is a special laundry room.


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