How to Reduce Electricity Consumption (Part 1)

February 8, 2017
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Energy saving issue is always topical and today we decided to give you a few tips on reducing power consumption and making your home more energy-efficient. Energy-saving measures can be taken without considerable construction work, but the result will never be immediate, since economy of electric power needs a comprehensive approach. What deserves your special attention and what points to consider in the first turn – you will find out in this article.


Energy-saving lamps

Modern energy-saving sources of artificial light, as compared to traditional filament-burning light bulbs, use less energy and their lifetime amounts to over 10,000 hours with a guarantee of at least one year’s work. Being more expensive than incandescent lamps, energy-saving bulbs completely pay off during their lifetime and save your family budget.

In an ideal situation it’s recommendable to get energy-saving lamps for the entire home. But from a financial standpoint it would be reasonable to do it gradually, starting from the places with the highest traffic, such as a kitchen and corridors. And in this case the money you lose on forgetting to turn off the light in the hallway will not be so notable.


When it comes to selecting light fixtures, pay attention to the shape of lampshades and primarily estimate the cleaning issue. Remember that a clean lampshade ensures better passage of light and thereby reduces inefficient energy loss.

When choosing a lighting system design for your interior, opt for such types of lamps that light certain parts of the room, like sconces and floor lamps. You’ll sure agree that there’s no use to light the entire room if you just need to read a book before going to bed.

Wherever possible, try to install dimmers, which allow for stepless modulation and maintenance of the required light level in the room. This also cuts energy bills.


Check your air ventilation system

Air exchange system also affects power consumption. Modern window ventilators and wall vents, as well as energy recovery ventilation systems are contemporary devices that can significantly reduce heat loss and are far more efficient than a continuously open window.

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