How to Reduce Electricity Consumption (Part 2)

February 8, 2017
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In this post we’re continuing our overview of golden energy-saving rules: how can an electric power meter affect our electricity bills and why power boards and double adaptors are not the best option, when it comes to reducing power consumption. Learn more from this post.


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Replace an old electric power meter

Contemporary electric power meters are qualitatively different from their predecessors and replacing old equipment you can get a tangible economy of power.

Modern meters can be programmed to work as multiple tariff (or variable rate) electric power meters. They are especially designed for those consumers, whose electricity retailers charge different tariffs depending on the time of the day. This is explained by the fact that it’s too expensive for power companies to store enormous amounts of electricity during a period of low demand, which is traditionally night-time, to be used during periods of high demand. For example, nuclear energy takes several hours to start and must be kept available at a moment’s notice at the same time. So, it’s more cost effective for electricity providers to reduce tariffs at night, which is beneficial both for them, as they reduce their electricity storage costs, and for final consumers, who get a fair price.

That’s why having a multiple tariff meter you can pay less for the night-work operation of your dishwasher and washing machine. Also thereby you cut your electricity bills by saving power consumed by 24-hour-operating appliances, such as a refrigerator, a boiler, a water heater, a Wi-Fi router and etc.

Also modern meters can automatically register and save reads and daily load charts in their memory, which would help you analyze your energy consumption schedule and select the best tariff option available.


Eliminate power boards, double adaptors and three-way plugs

Ideally a list of electric appliances and a scheme of their location has to be prepared beforehand to ensure that the required amount of sockets will be installed. Given that the quantity of electric appliances is constantly increasing, some extra sockets should be also allowed for. Remember that using power strips, double adaptors, three-way plugs and other devices that allow to power multiple devices from a single socket increases electrical resistance in the network and thereby consumes more power.


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