How to Reduce Electricity Consumption (Part 3)

February 8, 2017
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What label says that you’re dealing with an energy-saving appliance? Can a radiator replacement cut our electricity bill by 15%? And can wall color affect our power consumption? We’re finishing our review of best energy-saving tricks.


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Wall color also matters

Light walls and ceiling are able to bounce about 80% of sunlight back. The darker the wall color is, the less light it reflects. According to research, light walls, curtains and furniture reduce lighting costs by about 10-15%, which means they also save power and money spent on its consumption.


Use energy efficient appliances of new generation

Modern electric appliances use far less energy than devices produced 20 years ago. Today manufacturers are encouraged to pay special attention to energy saving issues. In Europe electric appliances have special energy labels indicating their energy efficiency class from A to G. The most energy efficient appliances feature A, A++, or A+++ label. Their cost is a little bit higher, but they can save up to 75% of energy consumption during their lifetime.

One more vital issue is the right place of location for your refrigerator and freezer: make sure they are located far from a stove and radiators. Also, keep these appliances away from direct sunlight – a fridge placed by the window uses far more energy.


Check the insulation

Autumn is in full swing, but central heating is not operating yet. Sounds familiar? That’s when we go to our pantries and switch on our gluttonous electric heaters. And this problem could be eliminated if had paid due attention to insulation of windows, flooring, walls and an entrance door during the renovation.

First of all, it’s worth opting for energy-saving double-glazed windows that can keep about 50% of warmth from evaporating. An entrance door should ideally be double. And when it comes to insulation of floor and walls, there are dozens of options available nowadays.


Additionally it’s advisable to replace old radiators during the renovation. This brings two benefits at a time: modern heating equipment has higher calorific value, on the one hand, and looks more aesthetically pleasing in interiors, on the other hand. Thermostatic radiator valves allow to maintain the required temperature automatically and create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Also you should make sure that pieces of furniture and items of décor are not placed too close to radiators, because this makes them operate inefficiently. These small details seem trivial, but guarantee up to 15% of energy saving.


Following the above-mentioned tips, you can significantly cut your electricity bills and make your home warm and cozy. And how to make it stylish and beautiful you will find out in other articles of HomeKlondike.

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