Bright and Cozy Windowless Bedroom: Before and After

February 13, 2017
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Bedroom is the place where our day starts and ends, hence it’s so important for this place to be as comfortable and beautiful as possible. This apartment is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and would make a perfectly nice place for living, except for one thing – it’s located on the basement floor and the bedroom is windowless. Badly lacking the light and designed very typically, the room was pretty depressing. Besides, no radical changes were possible as it is rental. In this article you’ll find out what designer tricks helped Camilla Pavone change the bedroom beyond recognition.


Add some color

As any windowless space, this room looked too dark and badly needed a splash of color. Given that the background was pretty neutral – light beige walls – the designer felt free to use juicy orange accents. And bright turquoise curtain rod finials look far more original than black.


Also, we can’t but mention home textile. A pretty neutral bedspread and decorative pillows were refreshed by a bright multicolor plaid and a pillow with abstract pattern.


Faux window

In one of the previous posts we discussed all possible alternatives to real windows. And one of them is a faux window: here composed of two mirrors and a window pane, it perfectly reflects light making the room appear bigger. And a finishing touch is brought by stripy orange-and-white curtains.


Functional furniture

Within limited areas every inch of the space is precious, and it’s high time to opt for multifunctional furnishing. Thus, an ottoman serves as a sitting and storage spot at the same time. And a tiny work desk opposite the bed plays the role of a dressing table.

1-white-walls-bright-orange-yellow-accents-windowless-bedroom-room-interior-design-faux-window-upholstered-bed-stripy-curtains-ottoman-chest-of-drawers-paintings 4-bright-yellow-chair-with-floral-pattern-cushion-white-dressing-table-desk

Change the headboard

Your bed is a special place, and why not customize it a little bit? In this project Camilla drew a sketch of an upholstered headboard and had it custom-made in a private furniture studio.


Camouflage imperfections

Considering that the apartment is rental, no cardinal changes in flooring, wall covering or ceiling were allowed. In this context camouflaging imperfections appeared to be an ideal way out. Thereby floor tiles were covered with carpets and doors were coated with two pieces of stripy wallpaper for 6 dollars.


Mind the artworks

Light walls create an ideal background for arranging artworks. Considering that this project was small-budget, the designer bought a reasonably-priced photo with a beach view.


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