Alcantara Material in “Local Icons” Exhibition in Rome

February 14, 2017
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Balls, mountains, household items and a herd of cows – what can all these objects have in common? It turns out that all of them can be produced from one material, which becomes increasingly popular nowadays. Its name is Alcantara and in the previous post we have already discussed its amazing characteristics and spheres of application. And now we’d like to show you even more opportunities this splendid material can offer.


The MAXXI, or National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome is now hosting an exhibition named “Local Icons”. This is the third chapter of Local Icons, which bears the name of “Urban landscapes / North-South”. Here a few talented, mostly young, but already famous in their homelands designers created iconic objects to interpret their native countries. This is the way they see their motherlands, their unique characteristics and national peculiarities expressed in personal perception and emotions. Here you can find symbolical images of Finland, Sweden, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Senegal, and the USA. And all of these ideas are implemented in Alcantara.

1-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017_cr_cr 2-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017

Partnership between Alcantara S.p.A., the company that patented this material back in early 1970s and manufacturers it to the present day, and MAXXI was started 7 years ago based on joint efforts in the sphere of research and experiments. Since then their common projects have become a reflection of splendid innovative union of a private and a public organization, which gives amazing fruits, like this February’s Local Icons.

3-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017 4-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017

With the help of Alcantara the international designers have commemorated such moments as football games on the beaches of Rio, daily life in Stockholm, clothing of Dakar city dwellers, a controversial landscape of Santiago, Central Park of NYC, the beauties of Mexico, urban environment of Chicago and spectacular nature of Helsinki. Each project seems to be “breathing” with love for motherland and national traditions.

5-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017_cr 6-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017 7-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017 8-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017

For instance, a Finnish painter’s stand features a fairy-tale salmon, mushrooms and red fruits reminding of national legends.

9-1-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017 9-2-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017 9-3-local-icons-urban-landscapes-west-east-MAXXI-Alcantara-project-exhibition-exhibits-items-in-Rome-February-2017

And a herd of black-and-white cows tells a famous legend that can actually be absolutely real. They say that these animals caused the Great Fire of 1871 that absolutely destroyed the old image of Chicago and gave this city a new contemporary look.


Of course, besides educational aspects, the exhibition is intended to emphasize the universality of Alcantara material. And though it’s mainly used in car and boat industries, fashion and interior design remain its prioritized vectors of development. The exhibition is open for everyone and will last till February, 26.

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