Gorgeous Award-Winning Big House with Ocean View (Part 1)

February 15, 2017
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In 2014 this house was awarded a prize by American Residential Design Awards in the “Model Homes” category. Its area of 322 square meters comprises a full-fledged family living space and ocean view opening from the windows makes it seem like a dream house. We’d like to show you the details of this project and emphasize its benefits and weak points. By tradition, let’s start from the best features of this beautiful house.



Let’s start from saying that this place includes three full-fledged floors and two detached buildings linked into one big house. The entrance door is located right in the middle of the composition, being equidistant from an attic, a ground floor, a terrace and guest quarters arranged above the garage. The family living here can find a place for spending time together, playing billiards in a chamber atmosphere or having some privacy in a calm and peaceful spot.

The house includes four full-fledged bedrooms, three bathrooms, a big living room open to a dining area with a terrace exit, a garage with two parking places and a separate zone for accommodating guests.

Such a layout would be comfortable even for a few families spending their weekend together. Well-thought-out functional zoning of the space allows for listening to loud music in the public part of the house without disturbing those who have an afternoon nap in private rooms.

Besides, the house is fulfilled with plenty of storage zones, and each bedroom may boast having a private bathroom exit and a walk-in closet.

* Sheridan • Main Level 2-traditional-contemporary-three-floor-house-plan-layout-scheme-with-furniture-second-floor 3-traditional-contemporary-three-floor-house-plan-layout-scheme-with-furniture-third-floor


When it comes to the exterior component, this house represents a practically ideal well-thought-out contemporary building. Located on a small hillside, it has an architecture that perfectly fits into these surroundings. The front is a combination of eye-pleasing grayish hues with nice finishing materials – siding and composite stones.


Siding is an especially good option for cottages for two reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t decay and cannot be affected by corrosion. And secondly, it offers a great color range for tasteful exterior design. And the ocean view can make anyone tick! It’s a perfect place of residence for creative people – such spectacular landscapes are particularly well suited to drawing imagination and accumulating positive emotions.

The color range is pretty quiet, designed in the so-called European style. The house being located by the ocean, far from sources of mud and dust, it was possible to add some light and even snow white elements to the exterior décor. And this means that the white fronts won’t need frequent re-painting: paint won’t peel and the surface wouldn’t require sanding before applying the new coat of paint.



But of course, the interior of the house deserves a special mention. It is designed in neutral warm brown, white and beige shades and cannot be defined as belonging to some typical style. We could say it’s universal and unobtrusive.


The sense of ultimate coziness and hominess is obtained through combination of natural materials: wood, metal and linen. Besides nice color mixtures, the interior features bright accents in home textile and décor as well. And they ideally complement the interior composition.

6-2-open-concept-kitchen-dining-living-room-interior-design-traditional-style-neutral-colors-beige-brown-white-gray-panoramic-windows-ocean-sea-view-sofas-arm-chairs-coffee-table-stripy-pillows-load-bearing-columns 7-traditional-style-bedroom-interior-design-gray-and-beige-colors-vintage-bedside-tables-lamps-panoramic-windows-ocean-sea-view-no-curtains 8-traditional-style-lounge-interior-design-with-terrace-exit-panoramic-windows-ocean-sea-view-ethnic-style-ottoman-rounded-sofa-floor-lamp

A double-sided fireplace separates the open-concept kitchen from a cozy fireplace room, which is an interesting zoning trick. One more original element is a composition of birch branches on the mantel – it’s a fresh and non-standard idea.

9-open-concept-lounge-living-room-interior-design-fireplace-room-panoramic-windows-birch-tree-painting-ethnic-style-ottoman 10-open-concept-kitchen-island-gray-set-bar-stools-birch-tree-branches-mantelpiece-decor-fireplace-pendant-lamp-traditional-style

Interesting is also the kitchen island design – thanks to its “key” shape, it can seat up to seven people at a time.


Well, it seems like this house is perfect in all aspects: a convenient layout, practical and aesthetical exterior design, ideal location, splendid landscape and original interior. But even such a place has some imperfections. What are they? Find this out from Part 2….

12-traditional-style-bedroom-interior-design-painting-windowsill-bed-vintage-chest-of-drawers-carpeting 13-home-library-shelving-unit-book-shelves-staircase-wheeled-sliding-ladder

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