Gorgeous Award-Winning Big House with Ocean View (Part 2)

February 15, 2017
Posted in Interiors

In the previous post we discussed a beautiful award-winning house project, which seems to be perfect in all aspects: location, architecture, exterior and interior design. However, despite all the benefits of this gorgeous house, professional interior designers found a few drawbacks even in such an ideal place. Let’s find out what confused the experts and what things have to be changed, added or re-made in their opinion.


Weak Points

Firstly, they didn’t get the idea of having two sinks in the kitchen. To their mind, one of the sinks should be removed to give a bigger worktop for the mistress. Anyway, she would use only the middle sink that is more conveniently located.

Secondly, stools arranged around the kitchen island (in its lower part) don’t seem to be quite comfortable. It’d be nice to replace them with traditional dining chairs, which would be more convenient for the elderly and safer for children.


All the interior walls are coated with light paint, which is not the best option for a country home. It would be advisable to use a more practical wall covering, like decorative plaster. The same is true for toddler room walls – they show the dirt easily.


One more obvious imperfection is that no textile dressing is envisaged for the windows. Of course, this is explained by the desire to let in as much sunlight as possible and show off all the beauty of the ocean view, but with time clients usually start suffering from too little privacy that panoramic windows without curtains provide. This is especially relevant to bathrooms and bedrooms.


Also, there are no wall tiles around the bathtub in the master bathroom. This is also pretty impractical.


And finally, the thing that seems to be a weak point of the house is that two kids have to share one bedroom with a bunk bed within such a big building. It’d better to give them separate rooms initially. And if the parents liked the bunk bed idea so much, it would be nice to arrange loft beds in each room instead, with a work space, a play zone or a closet underneath.


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