10 Creative Bed Designs

February 18, 2017
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A bed is a must-have of any interior and it seems like it can’t by anything special about its design. But international designers are full of ideas and do not hesitate to surprise us by most unexpected, fanciful and impressive models…

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Cabriolet Bed by Joe Colombo

It’s a typical car for living. Besides being a super multifunctional object, with incorporated light, radio, phone, ash tray, mirror and shelves, this model has a convertible hood, which can cover it completely, just like in a famous automobile. Perhaps, the most interesting about this bed is its date of birth – 1969. It has been over 45 years since then, but Joe Colombo’s ideas are still living in contemporary bedroom interiors.


Egg Bed by Günther Thöny

It’s hard to imagine a more comfy shape, both from physical and from psychological point of view. Associations with a womb or a cradle give a sense of ultimate protection and comfort. To crown it all, the bed may boast having incorporated multicolor lights, speakers and an iPod station.


HiCan Bed by Edoardo Carlino

Thanks to Edoardo Carlino contemporary big city dwellers get a chance to spend their whole day in bed. His hi-tech design is equipped with a surround sound system and a projector with a screen, which allows for watching movies, playing computer games and going online without leaving a bed. And to prevent anyone from disturbing you in virtual reality, envisaged are special fully enclosing blinds.


Carton Bed by Antoinette Bader

It’s not the only carton bed design in the world, but probably the most attractive and smartest among them. Why smart? Because it can be transformed from a pile-of-wastepaper state sized like a small stool into a bed of desirable (not pre-determined) dimensions. This makes this model flexible and super convenient. And lamination on one side of the cardboard adds decorative attraction to its design both when folded and opened out.


Stacking Bed by Rolf Heide

One more option for “compact” sleeping is a bed-in-bed model designed by Rolf Heide. This construction has a height of 48 cm when stacked and 23 cm each deck separately. Now it’s complemented with a bedding box that serves as a full-fledged nightstand for arranging lamps, books and alarm clocks.


Floating Bed

Mass production of these “cradles” was set by Americans, who backed their splendid design with scientific facts: proper cradling gets the blood and lymph floating, reduces the backbone pressure and trains the vestibular system.


Air Bed by Daniele Lago

The dream about flying when sleeping and awake can’t stop worrying romantic tinkerers and dreamy designers. Daniele Lago came up with his idea to levitate off the ground: if we can’t do without proverbial supports, let them be invisible. Legs of his Air Bed are biased toward the centre of the construction and made from tempered glass. Meanwhile the manufacturer guarantees that the bed can bear huge loads.


Falling Up Bed by Janjaap Puijssenaars

In Falling Up model the idea of levitating off the ground seems to be at its peak. And all because this bed invented by a Dutch designer is actually soaring. The man spent 6 years to figure out how to arrange the magnets in the bed framework and on the floor beneath it so that it could float like this. The “first” object in the world that could overcome the power of gravity can bear the load of up to 900 kilos, which is equal to 9 average adults!


Ness Bed by Jakob + Macfarlane

No wonder if at first sight you start doubting about the purpose of this object. It takes time to see a mattress inside and guess that it’s actually a bed with a peculiar futuristic design.


Sand Bed by Mark Anderson

Creative beds must be searched for in creative hotels. For example, in the world’s biggest sand castle that took 1,000 tones to build. Spending about 20 dollars per night you get a sweet chamber with sand floor, sand furniture and the sky above!

10-Sand-castle-Bed-hotel-by- Mark-Anderson-creative-furniture-design

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