Latest Spring Collections of Marvelous English Porcelain

February 22, 2017
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Giving kitchenware to women, especially when it comes to pots and pans, has long been deemed bad manners. But when tableware is more about a piece of art and to crown it all has a rich history, it’s a completely different story. Did you ever think why an English china set is an ideal gift to a woman? The thing is that it implements all the notions that are so near and dear to a woman’s heart…


1. Traditions and stability

World famous five o’clock tea, elegancy, habits and values that haven’t changed for hundreds of years – Englishmen are often called snobs because of their unwillingness to change their lifestyles and adherence to old traditions. And this is so wrong! Maybe thanks to those stereotypes that we have about the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, we can feel so sure about the quality of English porcelain. And family tea-time is far more pleasing with cups and saucers that embody confidence and stability.


2. Beauty and elegancy

What can we say – women like to surround themselves with beautiful things. So, delicate flowers, paradise birds, and fancy butterflies that are depicted on English china sets cannot but cheer them. And the latest collections are especially spring-time, fresh and cheerful.


3. Mystique and beautiful legends

Women enjoy heartwarming stories, especially with a note of mystique… Can anyone be left indifferent by the life story of Josiah Wedgwood, a potter, who lost his leg back in the 18th century and thereby lost a chance to steer a potter’s wing? He did enormous job to invent his own way of manufacturing tableware and founded a private factory, which still accounts for 25% of English china. Isn’t this a touching happy-end fairy-tale?


4. Durability and quality

Having a cozy home, a nice family, and a reliable spouse is a golden dream of almost any woman. So why not give her a durable and serious gift – an English china set. It will be the most faithful life partner and even her great grandchildren will drink tea from those splendid cups.


5. Nice memories and small talk

Not without reason the English have a special tea time of the day – drinking tea is the best way to spend time in a good company and enjoy something tasty. Have a cup of tea with a friend, share a few secrets or just discuss something – it’s a simple joy of a woman’s life, which becomes even more joyful with nice tableware.


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