Modern Architectural Minimalism Illustrated by an Italian Eco-House

February 22, 2017
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This house situated in an Italian town of Treviso is so special that it even has a name – the Green Zero. Its author is a famous architect and designer Daniele Menichini. The architectural and interior design concept of this building applies to modern minimalism characterized by utility, functionality and simplicity. Such an image was great in interpreting the key eco-concept of the project – back to nature.


Characteristics of modern minimalism

Modern minimalism implies something beyond plain geometrical shapes and minimum décor. In this approach major attention is paid to the quality of materials. Ecological topic is a top trend, hence modern minimalist interiors are so often finished with wood, stone, concrete, steel. And the exterior of this house is fully in line with these requirements.


What deserves a special mention is its terrace. It’s a perfect lounge open from all sides. Minimum set of furnishing ensures comfortable rest and a great chance to enjoy the spectacular view. But its architectural centerpiece is metal pipes: they not only play a vital decorative role, but also partially bear the load of the roof.


More sunlight

Modern minimalism is distinctive of its predecessor from the 1960s in replacing numerous sources of artificial light with making most use of natural light. In this house floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows became a good alternative to traditional light sources. Thereby the house is filled with light and airiness, and its exterior better fits with the surrounding nature.


A tree in the middle of the house

Cutting trees for the sake of building houses (and even eco-houses) is, unfortunately, a common practice. But Daniele Menichini faced this challenge quite differently – he made the birch an integral part of the house! It keeps growing and has become a living centre of the Green Zero.

4-modern-minimalist-architecture-bathroom-interior-design-solar-eco-house-Italy-Green-Zero-Daniele-Menichini-naturalistic-wall-tiles-wooden-floor-birch-tree-panoramic-window-view-curtains 5-modern-minimalist-architecture-exterior-design-solar-eco-house-Italy-Green-Zero-Daniele-Menichini-birch-tree-growing-in-the-middle-of-the-house

No superfluous details

Minimalism is interesting, because in it you don’t need any superfluous furniture or items of décor. And this interior is not an exception. Here the emphasis is made on comfort and convenience.


The furniture has plain geometrical forms, but looks quite original at the same time. The centerpiece of the room is a bed with orthopedic mattresses and a regulated rotation angle. It’s coupled with an ottoman and an arm-chair that also go in line with the general geometrical idea. The work desk and the suspended cabinet match the flooring color and texture. In short, all the items complement each other, making the interior more harmonious.


Naturalistic colors and combination of textures

Thanks to its color scheme, the interior of the Green Zero doesn’t look dull – thanks to dominating naturalistic hues, it’s laconic and soothing, and even bright splashes of wall décor in the headboard zone do not look so vivid in symbiosis with natural wood texture.


Self-sustaining energy

Thanks to rooftop solar panels the house gets enough heat and electric energy. This way it has become not just eco-friendly, but also energy-efficient


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