5 Interesting Architectural Objects to See in Berlin

February 23, 2017
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If you’re keen on architecture and design, it’s worth spending your holidays in those places that offer not just good rest, but also new architectural impressions. For instance, why not go to Berlin and see its splendid pieces of modern architecture and design?


If you have no idea that the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is actually a church, you would probably never guess. Almost entirely finished with shiny blue glass, it looks very mysterious and impressive. The secret of shine lies in peculiar architecture: lighting sources between two walls located at the distance of 2.7 meters illuminate the glass pieces inserted into numerous “honeycombs”, “painting” the walls mystique blue. This modern building looks especially outstanding against the background of a historic church building that was partially ruined during the Second World War, but is still preserved at the request of German people.

1-4-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-the-Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church 1-1-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-the-Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church 1-5-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-the-Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church-night-illumination 1-3-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-the-Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial-Church-interior-Jesus-blue-glass

Further we’d recommend you to visit the places of Peter Behrens, the first art-director in the world. At first he was an ordinary architect, but then fate smiled upon him and Mr. Behrens was entrusted with a big project for AEG Company, the German manufacturer of kitchen equipment and household products. It was his first industrial building. It featured huge glass walls, had no interior finishes and was fully adapted for operation of machinery. He was the first person to imply the concept of re-branding on a big-company scale: all the AEG’s plants, office buildings, retail shops, office furniture, advertising boards, products (hair driers and ventilators), packaging and etc. were designed in a similar branded way. He actively promoted the principles of functionalism and use of modern materials – glass and steel in interior and exterior design.

2-1-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-AEG-Turbine-Factory 2-3-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-AEG-Turbine-Factory 2-2-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-AEG-Turbine-Factory-interior

One of the Behrens’s apprentices is the world famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, hence the next place to visit is the Bauhaus Archive. The building is quite hard to find, but it’s worth finding. Here you will be able to enjoy a great collection of exhibits dedicated to the architecture and interior design of the 20th century. And Mies van der Rohe’s works can be watched for hours.

3-1-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Bauhaus-archive 3-3-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Bauhaus-archive 3-2-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Bauhaus-archive

Well, you see that contemporary Berlin is really cool. And it still inspirers many international architects of our time to create. For instance, a modern Russian architect Sergei Tchoban grew up as an architect in this very city. Here you will find many of his creations, but the most impressive one is the modern building of CUBIX Cinema.

4-1-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Cubix-cinema 4-2-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Cubix-cinema

And if you feel the need to change the scenery, visit the Liquidrom – a spa center with an outdoor swimming pool, where you can listen to electronic music even under the water: the speakers are incorporated right into the pool.

5-2-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Liquidrom-spa-center-swimming-pool 5-1-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Liquidrom-spa-center-swimming-pool-interior 5-3-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Liquidrom-spa-center-swimming-pool 5-4-Berlin-interesting-buildings-sights-architecture-Liquidrom-spa-center-swimming-pool

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