5 Non-Trivial Decorative Lighting Ideas

February 23, 2017
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Impressions of any interior depend first and foremost on proper lighting: the right light can emphasize colors and textures, outline different functional zones, and a non-trivial lighting fixture can become a bright interior accent. Today we have selected 5 nice ideas who want their lights to be just as original as functional.



A few years ago it came to designers’ minds that a lamp includes something besides a bulb and a lampshade – the wires – and started to paint them all possible colors. Today you would find those minimalist models with vivid wires in almost any building materials store.


Such a lamp seems to be especially made for monochrome interiors and their owners do not hesitate to tie their bright wires in knots and loops.


A long contrasting wire of a floor or desk lamp can be fixed to the wall in some fanciful geometrical pattern, which will both decorate the wall and make your work space neater and tidier. Finally, with the help of the wire such a lamp can be mounted almost anywhere.


Lamps made from household items

A lampshade can be easily made from home materials. In fact, fans of industrial aesthetics can try any kitchen utensils: old enamel funnels, graters or common mason jars.


A desk lamp can be made in a few minutes by simply putting a garland into a retro jar or a beautiful vase. And again a garland can be wrapped around a long beautiful tree branch or an old staircase banister to become an original lamp.


Groups of lamps

Instead of hanging a massive classical chandelier in the middle of the living room, it’s a nice idea to buy a few identical or similar small lamps and arrange them in a sloppy bunch. In this case the key to success is proper balance of the number, sizes and lengths of lamps.


One more nice option for big rooms with high ceilings is to arrange a few similar or completely different lamps in a group, close to each other. Such compositions look especially great above round or square tables in dining rooms.


 Edison light bulb

If minimalism is something that makes you tick and even most simple and laconic lampshades are not good enough for you, you can easily do with just a bulb – nowadays this won’t look ridiculous.


Pay your attention to vintage-style models similar to Edison light bulbs and energy-efficient bulbs by Plumen that don’t need lampshades at all.

9-creative-lamp-ideas-vintage-Edison-light-bulbs-Plumen 10-creative-lamp-ideas-low-energy-sufficient-Plumen0light-bulbs

Hinged lamps

A hinged desk of floor lamp is a common practice, but pendant and wall-mounted designs with hinges are so far quite rare. And they demand a special mention, since they are almost perfect for any work area: from your workshop to your kitchen countertop. Having such a model mounted to any surface in your walk-in closet, kitchen or bathroom, you can easily change the light’s angle and direction, having a nice decorative item at the same time.


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