Toxic Materials in Your Home – Find and Eliminate (Part 3)

February 25, 2017
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Finally, we came to the last portion of tips on finding and eliminating invisible hostiles in our homes – harmful and toxic substances hiding within our own walls.


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Check the flooring

Linoleum and laminated flooring of poor quality are potential sources of toxic substances. Experts are unanimous in recommending us only high-quality tiles and parquet boards as flooring finishes. But if you’re determined to have a linoleum floor covering, make sure that you buy it directly from a manufacturer or ask a seller to show you the quality certificate. Also a safe option is to buy medical linoleum, which is widely used even in tuberculoses departments, where the risk of infection is especially high. If you buy laminate, keep it in a ventilated room for a couple of months before installation to make sure that it won’t emit any harmful substances.


Say “no” to laser printers

Recently the researches have proved that laser printers have a negative impact on people’s health. During operation they emit harmful substances, which pose the threat of lung diseases and exacerbation of chronic illnesses. So, it’s worth giving preference to simpler and harmless models. And if you can’t do without a laser printer, at least keep it away from people, switch it off once you don’t need it and air the room where a laser printer stands regularly and thoroughly.


There is a hostile in your…sofa

This might seem surprising, but even common sofa cushions can be dangerous for health. Why? As a rule decorative cushions, as well as upholstered furniture on the whole, are imbued with special fireproofing composition. The latter sometimes contains several toxic substances that not just influence our state of health, but can increase the risk of cancer diseases in case of permanent contact. Unfortunately, there’s no way to check the cushions for safety by eye, so you should firstly check the description of the product, ask the seller about the fireproofing composition and send your cushions to the lab.


Thorough expertise would be good

Toxic substances can be found not just in pieces of furniture and finishing materials. Sometimes dangerous elements can be literally held inside our walls: for example, if your house is built from materials containing lead or asbestos. To be sure, we’d recommend you to call the sanitary and epidemiology authorities and check your house for safety. You can order a standard expertise (water and air samples), and a more profound research, including the measurement of the radiation level.


Following these tips you can feel sure that your home is your castle!

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