Apartment with Kale Mezzanine & Hieronymus Bosch Replicas

February 28, 2017
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With a total area of just 30 square meters, this apartment can be safely named a nice sample of trendy design, a piece of art and an interior puzzle. Let’s have a closer look at the details!


This flat is situated in Poland, in the city of Lublin, in a historic building of the 16th century located at an old square. And an amazing coincidence, it was the 16th century when the world famous painter Hieronymus Bosch created his best masterpieces. Though it was actually in the Netherlands, but his devoted fans live in this very apartment in Poland.

Given that the starting point for the interior were the replicas of one of the most mysterious painters of all times, the masters felt obliged to set the corresponding atmosphere that would be mystique, contemporary, creative and trendy at the same time.

And this task was accomplished by means of color. First of all, though the total area of the flat is quite small, the ceiling height is pretty significant. To make it seem lower and make the interior more original, it was determined to paint the ceiling and the entire mezzanine dark color. The choice was set upon one of the most fashionable and mysterious colors for the year 2017 – Kale.


To balance the interior, this green hue was also applied in the lounge details – the sofa upholstery and the entrance door – and in the shower cabin tiles in the bathroom.

2-studio-apartment-with-mezzanine-floor-dark-green-kale-ceiling-white-walls-eclectic-style-Hieronymus-Bosch-Paintings-ethnical-rug-velvet-sofa-coffee-tables-piglet-tall-entrance-door 3-minimalist-eclectic-bathroom-interior-design-white-tiles-beige-wooden-panels-walls-parquet-floor-green-shower-cabin-round-mirror-suspended-wash-basin-cabinet-wall-mounted

To avoid a dull feel, the interior was diluted with versatile accents of warm hues represented on Bosch’s artworks. That is how the sofa was complemented with beautiful decorative pillows and the floor was covered with an ethnical rug. In general, all the interior details in this room have their matches: a black stove and a piglet-shaped coffee table, the door and the sofa, the pillows and the rug. Thanks to this, the room looks integral and completed. And eclectic components and Bosch’s paintings look especially splendid against the laconic background of white walls and light floor.

4-studio-apartment-with-mezzanine-floor-bedroom-dark-green-kale-ceiling-white-walls-eclectic-style-Hieronymus-Bosch-Paintings-Poland-black-stove-piglet-coffee-table-velvet-sofa-ethnical-rug-open-interior-design 5-white-walls-eclectic-style-lounge-living-room-interior-design-details-decor-Hieronymus-Bosch-Paintings-piglet-shaped-animalistic-black-coffee-table-white-walls-sculp-ethnical-rug

As for the kitchen, it’s pretty narrow and hence minimalist, with no extra details, which doesn’t draw over the attention of visitors considering the open concept of the two rooms.


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