Cozy Italian-Style Veranda Design with a Small Kitchen

March 2, 2017
Posted in Kitchen

Having a contemporary and functional kitchen in a summer cottage is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Designing a “seasonal” kitchen on a shoestring, but so that it was a match for your city one is quite easy – all you need is some imagination…


In the interior we’d like to show you in this article, all the elements are very logically arranged. The access to the preparation area is easy and absence of customary cabinets with swing doors proves to be a very practical decision. Beautiful sheer curtains used instead both save the space and bring a decorative note. Also the designers wouldn’t clutter the room with cupboards – they just used kitchenware ….to decorate the veranda.


The choice of Italian mood was explained by the hostess’s passion for Italian culture. That is why the compact kitchen zone and the entire veranda in general were designed in Italian style. The authors of the project did their best to bring the sense of harmony and beauty, so typical of sunny Italy. Ceiling beams, decorative window shutters, grayish green and white colors, Roman blinds –all of these elements are the embodiment of Italian country style that is always up-to-date thanks to the feel of hominess it brings.


To fill the interior with light and air the designers used a few tricks. For a start, roof trusses that were discovered after the old ceiling had been dismantled were finished with fresh lining boards and coated with light varnish. The beams were sand-papered and painted milky white. When it came to the wall color, the choice was set upon white, which ideally expands tight spaces visually. And the light floor was coated with clear lacquer.


In the dining zone all three windows are dressed up with decorative olive green shutters reminding of cozy Italian patios. Light sheer curtains added a note of delicacy, and the kitchen window was dressed up with dense Roman blinds. A round table for family dinners was arranged in the middle of the veranda and complemented with a set of openwork pendant lamps resembling birdcages.


The room features a few one-of-a-kind handmade pieces: a clock made from an old frying pan, a designer lamp and a homemade “backsplash” composed of framed sackcloth with stenciled Italian names.

4-2-light-Italian-style-summer-kitchen-veranda-dining-room-interior-design-lining-boards-walls-cozy-decor-handmade-frying-pan-clock-olive-green-decorative-window-shutters-tangerines 4-1-light-Italian-style-summer-kitchen-veranda-dining-room-interior-design-lining-boards-walls-cozy-decor-handmade-painted-lamp-olive-green-window-shutters-tangerine-tree-chest-of-drawers 4-3-light-Italian-style-summer-kitchen-veranda-dining-room-interior-design-lining-boards-walls-cozy-decor-handmade-backsplash-wall-lantern-stove-decoratove-plates-sackcloth-wooden-frame-glass-covered

A small red refrigerator decorated with a floral image brings a cheerful splash to the interior.


Thanks to four windows and light colors the veranda always looks sunny. Plenty of potted plants arranged on the stand, windowsill and small shelves conjure up images of picturesque Italian balconies. And numerous pieces of wall décor enhance the Italian spirit.

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