Light & Sunny Moderate-Art-Déco Apartment in Blue Shades

March 9, 2017
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This interior design project was created for a family of three. He is a businessman and runs his own company. She is a musician and loves to play the piano in the evening. And they have a sweet 7-year-old daughter. They dreamed about a comfortable apartment that would feel cozy and homey…


The flat is situated in Moscow, in a house with original cascade architecture. Most of the top-floor apartments have exits to open terraces on a multilevel roof and this flat is one of them. To crown it all, the windows face three points of compass.

This raw data laid the foundation to the general style and color concept of the interior. The clients’ wish was to keep the sense of spaciousness and airiness. That is why the designer picked pale blue and bluish gray hues as dominating colors and diluted them with bronze and natural wood.


The location of the rooms and their functionality are quite classical. The public part includes a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. The private zone comprises a master bedroom, a study and a guest room. The bathrooms are arranged in the middle.

Moderate art-deco notes open up in natural materials, furniture shapes and items of décor.


The fireplace surround is made from natural marble. The same material is replicated in the kitchen worktop and cooker hood finishing and perfectly blends with a beautiful wall mural arranged by the piano.

3-gray-blue-contemporary-style-interior-design-art-deco-elements-brown-living-room-sofa-arm-chairs-chandelier-wall-mural-marble-fireplace-carpet-coffee-table 4-gray-blue-contemporary-style-interior-design-art-deco-elements-brown-living-room-column-chandelier-wall-mural-piano-console-mirror

There is no TV-set in the living room and that was a decision of principle – nothing should prevent the family members and their guests from a good talk. And when a desire to watch a nice movie becomes irresistible, one can go to the guest room furnished with a big sofa and a large TV-set, which simultaneously plays the role of a home cinema.

Just like the living room, the kid’s room is designed in light blue color palette, which is supposed to sooth a little fidget’s active temper. Besides, this hue adds some coolness to this south-facing room.


The master bedroom is dominated by mostly pastel, light and warm colors – this room is north-facing. It features a private bathroom exit and a heated loggia, where the spouses can have some privacy and a pleasant small talk.


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