Top Trend 2017: Flame Color

March 13, 2017
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We are glad to continue our review of Top 10 Colors for the Year 2017 announced by Pantone Organization, a global expert on colors. And today our attention is drawn to the warmest hue from this list – Flame….


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Flame is a saturated red color based on a complex shade of orange. This splendid theatrical color can be characterized as juicy, bright, emotional and lively. But how should it be used in interior design? In what details and rooms of our homes would it be most welcome? Let’s find this out together!

Let’s begin from the physiological aspect. It goes without saying that such a bright hue gives an adrenaline rush, which causes hyper-alertness. Hence, Flame should be used very carefully. This shade of red is a perfect choice for public spaces: bars, restaurants and cafes. Flame ideally blends with all deep and saturated hues of indigo, emerald green and asphalt gray.

1-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-living-room-dark-gray-walls-arm-chairs-sofa-whie-floor-fireplace 2-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-dark-blue-indigo-walls-furniture-ottoman-arm-chair-dressing-table-living-room

In kitchen interiors Flame can be safely used as an accent. For instance, it would be a nice idea to emphasize the dining zone with a group of Flame lamps, a couple of red chairs or a retro-style refrigerator. But remember that too many red accents will overload the interior visually. And of course, it goes without saying that the general background for Flame accents must be as neutral and natural as possible.


As for the living rooms, here Flame color can be used in furniture upholstery – sofas, arm-chairs, ottomans – or pieces of décor. Professional interior designers wouldn’t paint big parts of the walls this color – this will undoubtedly lead to fast emotional and psychological exhaustion.

4-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-living-room-furniture-arm-chair-ottoman-sofa-gray-walls 5-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-furniture-arm-chairs-living-room-white-walls

But when it comes to non-residential rooms – corridors, bathrooms and hallways – here you won’t be wrong to use Flame in big volumes. You may paint the wall recess, the interior of your closet or your pantry walls this color, and this will look bright and interesting. A win-win choice is to combine this hue with contrasting dark wood or natural stone finishes.

6-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-corridor-hallway-doorway-door 7-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-bathroom-corridor-accents-wash-basin-cabinet-wall-decor-flowers 8-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-padded-stools-white-walls-corridor-accents-wall-bathroom

And in bedrooms Flame should be applied locally, in small items of décor or home textile ornaments: for example, in throw pillows, a blanket or headboard upholstery. Also this hue can be picked for upholstering small pieces of furniture, such as a padded stool or an ottoman.

9-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-bedroom-headboard-bedspread-bed-cover 10-flame-red-color-by-Pantone-2017-in-interior-design-bedroom-bed-cover-bedspread-blanket-bedside-almps-throw-pillow

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