Glamour Collection of Lamps by Serip Inspired by Winter Trees

March 14, 2017
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Have you ever heard anything about the concept of “verticalism”? In fact it’s quite fresh and appeared relatively recently, in the sphere of architecture. As you know, the brand new trend that overwhelmed the world of architecture in the 20th century was the willingness to build tall, vertical buildings, and especially skyscrapers. Gradually the term has taken root in the sphere of design in general and now we can even use it with reference to…lamps. Yes, that’s right. That is exactly the style that pre-determined the look of Glamour collection of lamps produced by Serip brand from Portugal.


Before we get down to the collection, let’s say a few words about the manufacturer. Serip started as a small family business in 1961. Back then the world was striving for classics and this Portuguese company focused on solely traditional and classical lamp designs. Over time, in 1980s, Serip felt ready to present something brand new, something that had been never produced in the lighting industry. However, as many brilliant ideas in the world of art that go in advance of their times, Serip’s ideas proved to be too non-standard for the mentality of that time. However, this fact wouldn’t discourage the designers and by the 2000s the company started to position themselves as “organic lighting”.

And that was so right. Every collection by Serip is inspired by something beautiful from the world of nature: a waterfall, fallen autumn leaves or a coral. And Glamour collection that we’d like to dwell on is not an exception. Despite its name that seems to be so far from natural things, Glamour was inspired by…winter landscapes. And in particular, by winter trees “decorated” with icicles.


But unlike winter trees that stand without leaves covered with icicles and can be hardly distinguished from each other, Serip’s lamps are very different. More than 10 years ago the company realized that in the modern world customization and personalization become something that makes people tick. Hence, the brand offers 29 colors options for glass “icicles” and 10 options of metal finishing. But this is not the end. All the lamps are produced from glass and bronze, and you can hardly find a mechanic element in the production process. The bronze framework is produced through sandcasting and each piece of glass is hand blown. So, as you understand there are never two same pieces, every lamp is one-of-a-kind. Besides, one can choose a Glamour lamp in a floor, table, ceiling or chandelier implementation, medium- or large-sized. Again, every piece is customized and can be adapted for any measurements, finishes and colors to fit into any interior. A winter tree can be truly “winter” or so colorful and spring-time that you will hardly see the icicles in these bright pieces of glass. And as they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So, just enjoy this splendid collection:

1-available-glass-finishings-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass 1-available-metal-finishings-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass ceiling-lamp-large-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass ceiling-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass ceiling-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass-2 chandelier-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass-2 chandelier-in-interior-design (3)-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass chandelier-in-interior-design-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass floor-lamp-in-interior-design-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass floor-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass table-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass wall-lamp-sconce (2)-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass wall-lamp-sconce-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass wall-lamp-Serip-Portugal-Glamour-collection-lamps-in-bronze-metal-and-glass

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