Stunning Starfish-Shaped Restaurant in South Korea

March 14, 2017
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Perhaps, each of us attended a seaside café at least once in our lives. But we feel sure that you’ve never seen something like this. The amazing thing, but this minimalist concrete building is imbued with romantic and soothing atmosphere.


A small port town of Gijang in South Korea is known for its incredible seaside landscapes. The truth is, the nature here is literally fulfilled with serenity and some solemn silence.

Such places seem to be created for sitting, contemplation, getaways and thinking about the whole point of living. So, the idea of arranging here a café, which would offer unity with nature, seemed to be pretty right. But its implementation was something that the architects had to think very well about, and the result proved to be stunning.

2-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-minimalist-concrete-building 3-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-beautiful-sunset 8-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-open-terrace-wooden-benches-mats-picnic-spots

The project came out very minimalistic, even ascetic to some extent: laconic angular shapes, concrete, and no decoration. And still the building is distinctive, though this doesn’t catch the eye at once.

Most notably, this is the unusual shape of the building, reminding of a starfish. The owners of the café were keen on having maximum panorama and primarily wanted their future clients to choose, which part of the seaside they’d like to watch, on their own. Hence large windows were envisaged in the spots that offered the best views.

1-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-minimalist-concrete-building-modern-architecture-star-shaped-starfish-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-exterior-design 4-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-minimalist-concrete-building-panoramic-windows 5-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-minimalist-concrete-building-interior-design-white-sloped-ceiling-panoramic-windows-glass-staircase-railings 6-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-minimalist-concrete-building-interior-design-white-sloped-ceiling-panoramic-windows-glass-staircase-railings 9-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-interior-design-minimalist-style-concrete-building-panoramic-windows-glass-staircase-railings

The second distinctive feature is a great number of levels and steps that the building consists of and that gently follow one another.

And the third thing that attracts visitors of this café is a great choice of locations. Do you prefer classical café-like location by the window? Welcome to the major hall. Would you like to enjoy the views of a rocky shore and sea waves or want to be in the sunshine? Then take a place at the viewing platform on the roof. Is homey rest in the shade of the trees by the sea something that makes you teak? You can choose one of the mini-zones for a dinner – that’s a golden mean between a picnic in the countryside and a beach chaise lounge.

7-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-tall-conifers-trees-rocky-beach-open-terrace-picnic-spots-benches-mats-exterior-design 10-coastal-seaside-cafe-in-South-Korea-sea-view-restaurant-viewing-platform-panorama-glass-stair-railings-open-roof

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