Tiny Studio Apartment with Loft Bed for a Single Woman in Taiwan

March 18, 2017
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Calendar turned to spring and this time disposes to romantic thoughts and meditation on what a woman wants. And we found a charming studio apartment interior design, where any member of the female gender would be pleased to live in!


Despite its small size, this space is so well-thought-out that it provides absolutely enough room for comfortable living. It is located in Taiwan and occupied by a single woman. She wanted her tiny flat with a total area of just 30 sq. m. to comprise a cozy bedroom, a living room, a full-fledged kitchen and fairly much storage area. At the same time needless to say that she didn’t want to feel like in a sardine can – the interior was supposed to be light, non-cluttered and not boring.


The team of designers – Tsai Hung, Tommy Tai and Stanley Chuang – agreed to play on contrasts: they delicately alternated between light and feminine colors and materials and a little bit earthy angular shapes and loft-style elements. Thus, light warm beige and grayish wood surfaces, pinkish gray furniture upholstery and light floor and walls are found side by side with black window and door frames, metal furniture legs and exposed wires of shadeless pendant lamps. Meanwhile the studio has plenty of daylight and looks very airy: for such a tiny apartment there is enough natural light and thanks to a big ceiling height it doesn’t feel cramped.


Most of the space is occupied by kitchen and lounge zones – this indicates that the mistress is fond of cooking and inviting guests; whereas the bedroom and the rest of the private zones, such as storage and bathroom, had to be not too conspicuous. So, without hesitation the sights were set upon a loft bed with a storage zone underneath. The latter was beautifully disguised with mirror panels, which additionally made the apartment lighter and bigger. To the left from the bedroom a bathroom was arranged. In such a way the flat appeared to be divided into two zones: a public one – light and open – and a private one, which is visually emphasized by dark graphite gray wall color.

3-1-tiny-small-single-woman's-studio-apartment-Taiwan-gray-walls-floor-black-interior-design-accents-light-wood-graphite-sofa-loft-bed-staircase-mirrored-wardrobe-storage-zone-underneath 3-2-tiny-small-single-woman's-studio-apartment-Taiwan-gray-walls-floor-black-interior-design-accents-light-wood-graphite-loft-bed-with-storage-zone-underneath-mirrored-wardrobe-doors-kitchen-cabinets

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