Mikey: Innovative Countertop Robot & Personal Kitchen Assistant

March 20, 2017
Posted in Kitchen

Can you imagine a personal assistant, who knows what foodstuffs you have in your refrigerator now, who is ready to come up with recipes of dishes that you can cook from these foodstuffs, who will tell you how to make these dishes and show you detailed photos and videos of each step of the cooking process and will meanwhile preheat your oven, plan your next day, tell you the weather forecast and latest news and play your favorite music? It sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? But we are glad to announce you that such an assistant already exists and his name is Mikey.


We guess it would be fair to say that the biggest next trend of our time is personalization. There are no two absolutely equal people in the world. Everyone is different and people more and more often strive for something customized, adapted for their personal needs and one-of-a-kind. The world’s leading manufacturers have cultivated this idea and started to focus on making things that can be our so-called partners. In other words, things will potentially become our intelligent assistants.

The idea is not brand knew and many people already enjoy smart home systems. But unfortunately, the niche of smart home systems incorporated into kitchens is still quite free, especially when it comes to cooking process. We’ve already heard about Internet-connected smart fridges with cameras that can show what’s in them via a smartphone app. But a countertop robot that ties a bunch of household appliances together and helps us with cooking is something brand new.

Mykie was introduced at the beginning of this year in Los Angeles, and made another appearance at the international kitchen show – LivingKitchen – that was held in Cologne, Germany and that we discussed in our previous post. At this exhibition Mykie was represented at the booths of Bosch and Siemens brands, which participate in the Home Connect program.


As you realized from the beginning of our article Mykie is a robotic device that has amazingly versatile functions. It is operated with a user’s voice, and as a genuine assistant it talks back and answers your questions.

Now as Home Connect partners have a vast range of appliances connected to the Internet and operated from smartphone apps – a refrigerator, an oven, a washing machine, a dishwasher – Mykie becomes someone, who can control all of this hardware for you.

As we already mentioned, it can check your “smart” refrigerator and offer you relevant recipes with ingredients you have in your fridge. Of course, it can also search for recipes via your voice commands. Though equipped with a little sensor screen, Mykie has a built-in projector that will show you larger images and videos with step-by-step instructions right on your kitchen wall. And when you’ll be close to finishing the preparation of the ingredients, Mykie will have already taken care about preheating your oven!

In the future Mykie is planned to become even more sociable: it will allow its user to attend virtual cooking classes in real time. You will feel like at a real workshop, where you can watch, ask questions, cook together with other users and a chef, and exchange recipes and ideas!

As for Mykie’s design, it’s pretty laconic, compact and white. According to its creators, it was made so to fit into any kitchen style.


So far Mykie is at the drafting stage and represents a concept of a product. The manufacturer still didn’t announce any information about the price and availability. But we hope that this intelligent countertop robot will get into many kitchens very soon. And what we should expect is very well displayed in the official video on Youtube. Enjoy it!



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