Brutal & Elegant Office: Mixture of Concrete and Zebrawood

March 23, 2017
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Wood and concrete are incompatible, aren’t they? The author of this project tried to debate with this widespread misconception and created an office interior design that will take your breath away!


Designing a stylish office space, which would be equally comfortable for both its employees and visitors is quite a challenging task per se. But conveying the specific nature of the business via the office interior and doing it in a stylish, elegant and original way at the same time is a very complicated task indeed, which not any interior designer can handle. To our minds, the author of this project managed to make it very well.

There was no need for re-planning the space. The company had already spent some time in this place, when they realized that massive furniture transported from the ex-office should be replaced with more contemporary and roomier pieces. It was vital to find room for all the essential items but without overloading the space. The geometry of the room appeared to be non-standard, with plenty of glazing along the perimeter, so materialization of all the ideas was pretty challenging.

1-1-contemporary-office-interior-plan-scheme-layout-with-panoramic-windows-glazing-double-sided-for-one-person 1-2-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet 1-3-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet 1-4-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-creative-desk-curtains-cabinet

The client wished to get a contemporary and light interior, with much open space and sense of airiness, but he was dead against cold minimalism. That is why chosen as a primary furniture material was zebrawood. This exotic wood species is irreplaceable when you need to bring a note of warmth and coziness to the interior.


Given that the company is engaged in manufacturing concrete, the designer suggested that this idea be conveyed by means of the furniture. Eventually the designer merged the client’s wish to see plenty of zebrawood with her own idea – concrete insertions. The most challenging part of furniture-making was linking two absolutely different materials in a seamless pattern. After long negotiations and much contemplation, one of the furniture mills managed to make this bold idea become a reality.

3-1-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-desk-curtains-cabinet 3-2-contemporary-style-office-interior-design-beige-gray-brown-brutal-mixed-material-concrete-and-zebrawood-wooden-furniture-panoramic-window-desk-curtains-cabinet

When the project was in full swing, the client accidentally came across a picture in the Internet, which he liked very much. After a brief searching, the designer found the author – an artist living in the Maldives – and purchased the artwork.


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