7 Major Interior Design Trends 2017

March 29, 2017
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We have repeatedly discussed what colors, textures and materials will be at the top this year: top-10 colors of the year announced by Pantone, innovations and dominating trends of the world’s biggest exhibitions and shows. Now, with almost a quarter of the year left behind, we can see what projections have come true and what trends became really widespread and dominating. So, let’s begin!


Terracotta finishes

The coldness of Scandinavian motifs, which has been trend № 1 for so many years in a row, today is being replaced by warm hues of fired clay. Picking finishes of this color – whether wall paint or floor tiles – give preference to matte options with slightly visible textures. If terracotta shade is not something that makes you tick, pay attention to mustard, hazelnut or marsala hues.


Bottle green or dark green furniture

Fitting saturated deep green color into an interior is quite a complicated task even for a qualified designer. If you feel like putting such an accent in your home, remember that the best couples for it are dark wood finishes, genuine brownish leather and versatile shades of brass.


Rose gold in décor and sanitary fixtures

Rose gold or pink gold is becoming increasingly popular in the world of design. And interiors are not an exception. But don’t get literally minded on this, otherwise you home will remind of a Barbie’s house. Consider small pieces of décor or sanitary fixtures with rose gold details – they will surely make the interior more original and special.



Eco-friendly and pretty neutral corkwood furniture ideally fits into any interior style and doesn’t need any special care. And if you dare to finish one of the walls in the apartment with this material, the question of where to organize a photo gallery, an inspiration board or an exhibition of your kid’s paintings will be settled for many years ahead. In short, corkwood is beautiful, relatively inexpensive and very practical.



Marble countertops, backsplashes, tabletops, floor and wall slabs and pieces of décor… It appears that the stone that could be earlier found just in royal palaces and noblemen’s mansions is released in general public and proudly takes its place even in ascetic Scandinavian interiors. Though genuine marble is still not quite affordable for everyone, modern technologies have already come up with reasonably priced equivalents, which can be hardly distinguished from natural stone.


Botanical motifs

In 2017 tropical and floral prints can be found in almost any interior or collection of home textile and décor. Furthermore, most stands of international shows and trade fairs feature plenty of potted flowers, vertical gardens and all types of greenery. World famous designers call for nature and boldly add it to residential spaces.


Upholstered beds

Getting an upholstered bed is both practical and beautiful. A soft headboard is the easiest and most charming way to add the sense of coziness to the bedroom interior and make a bed comfortable not just for sleeping, but also for reading and working. The trendiest bed upholstery materials of 2017 are velvet and plush. But in case this option seems to be too bold for you, laconic upholstered beds in Scandinavian style would be also pretty good.


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