5 Restaurants to Visit in Milan

March 30, 2017
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The world of interior design is looking forward to one of the biggest and most gorgeous exhibitions of the year – iSaloni, which will be held from the 4th to the 9th of April in Milan. One cannot and should not come to Italy and fail to taste amazing treats prepared with skillful Italian hands.


However, a few days are not enough to see everything. Plus, tastes differ. That is why we have selected a few absolutely different places: ascetic and elegant, loft-style and romantic, cheap and expensive. They are all different, but have at least two things in common: amazing food and amazing beauty!



This is a win-win option for those who have no time for exploration and no room for error. If you can’t wait to taste genuine Italian cuisine, Convivium would be the safest choice: it is here that the locals prefer to have dinner and their taste is something to rely on.

The restaurant is located in an aristocratic Brera neighborhood, which is just a few minutes’ walk to the grand Duomo Cathedral; so, you’d be able to combine business with pleasure. And enjoy the reserved elegant interior with it; in particular, its two nicest things – a faux fireplace and a famous “wine wall” that has become a visiting card of Convivium.

2-0-Convivium-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-exterior-big-panoramic-window 2-1-Convivium-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-traditional-style-gray-blue-beige-elegant-faux-fireplace-candles-wine-racks-low-pendant-lamps 2-2-Convivium-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-traditional-style-gray-blue-beige-elegant-faux-fireplace-candles-wine-racks-mirror-low-pendant-lamps-chairs-long-table-sofa 2-3-Convivium-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-traditional-style-gray-blue-beige-elegant-faux-fireplace-candles-wine-racks-desk-lamp


For those of you who pick restaurants by big names, there is a restaurant with “haute cuisine”. Every meal in L’Essenziale is prepared personally by Gabriele Badini, the apprentice of the prominent chef Carlo Cracco.

It would be a great idea to arrange a date here, since the atmosphere here seems to be created for romance. Light and delicate color palette, comfy leather arm-chairs, dimmed lights, elegancy and noble shapes. And the tables are placed at a sufficient distance from each other respecting your privacy and relaxation.

3-1-L’Essenziale-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-elegant-neo-classical-style-powder-pink-beige-gray-colors-chair-tables-romantic-quilted-covers 3-2-L’Essenziale-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-elegant-neo-classical-style-powder-pink-beige-gray-colors-chair-tables-romantic-quilted-covers 3-3-L’Essenziale-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-elegant-neo-classical-style-powder-pink-beige-gray-colors-chair-tables-romantic-quilted-covers 3-4-L’Essenziale-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-elegant-neo-classical-style-powder-pink-beige-gray-colors-chair-tables-romantic-quilted-covers 3-5-L’Essenziale-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-elegant-neo-classical-style-powder-pink-beige-gray-colors-chair-tables-romantic-quilted-covers


You don’t have lots of plans and merely want to enjoy delicious food in a cozy place, do you? Then welcome to this seafood restaurant, where fish connoisseurs can feel happier than ever!

This place seems to be fulfilled with sunlight and air. High ceiling, big windows and multicolored chairs – the atmosphere here is absolutely relaxed and encouraging interaction. Just the right choice to get some food and share your impressions of Italy with your companions, and then go shopping with renewed vigor. Because Pescaria is located in the most fashionable part of the city — Corso Como.

4-0-Pescaria-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-seafood-exterior-white-and-light-blue-bar-stools-tables-outdoors 4-1-Pescaria-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-arched-brick-masonry-ceiling-light-wood-tables-multicolor-chairs-and-stools-blue-red-yellow 4-3-Pescaria-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-arched-brick-masonry-ceiling-light-wood-tables-multicolor-chairs-and-bar-stools-blue-red-cabinets-glossy-brick-wall-tiles_cr


If you come to a restaurant to grab not just some lunch, but also new impressions, then Gesto bar is what you need. In Milan it has become famous for its non-standard way of serving dishes: at first visitors write down their orders on special tablets, which then play the role of trays when the meal is done.

Saving on order forms, Gesto found an original way to cut its pricelist. And of course, the interior here is also non-standard: loft-style with bright red splashes of comfy arm-chairs and Chester sofas.

5-1-Gesto-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-loft-style-interior-design-exposed-wires-lamps-metal-stools-chairs-red-arm-chairs-sofa-bar-gray-walls 5-3-Gesto-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-loft-style-interior-design-exposed-wires-lamps-metal-vintage-bar-stools-gray-arched-walls-ceiling 5-4-Gesto-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-loft-style-interior-design-metal-stools-chairs-red-leather-chester-sofa-brutal-atmposphere-gray-walls 5-2-Gesto-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-loft-style-interior-design-metal-chairs-red-leather-chester-sofa-vintage-chest-box 5-5-Gesto-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-loft-style-interior-design-old-brick-masonry-metal-stools-chairs-red-leather-arm-chairs

La Terrazza Aperol

The name speaks for itself! Of course, tourists are fleeing to La Terrazza Aperol primarily to taste the specialty cocktail. If you have never tried it, there is no better place for doing this.

The location of the bar is just fantastic: a huge terrace overlooks the spectacular Duomo Cathedral. What else deserves a special mention is a surrealistic bar of bright orange color. In fact, everything in the orange interior of La Terrazza Aperol is designed to make you die for a glass of this drink.

6-1-La-Terrazza-Aperol-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-exterior-historic-building-arched-windows-open-terrace-bright-orange-sunshade 6-2-La-Terrazza-Aperol-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-design-3d-walls-surrealistic-futuristic-bar-design-exposed-pipes-panoramic-windows 6-3-La-Terrazza-Aperol-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-open-terrace-view-Duomo-Cathedral-square-big-sunshades 6-4-La-Terrazza-Aperol-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-interior-desigh-big-panoramic-windows-low-pendant-lamps 6-5-La-Terrazza-Aperol-restaurant-cafe-bar-in-Milan-Italy-open-terrace-sunshades-beautiful-city-downtown-view-Duomo-Cathedral

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