HILLS: Corian Bottle Holder Designed by Gonçalo Campos

April 3, 2017
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What images does the word “Portugal” conjure up in your mind? Perhaps, these are corkwood trees and products, amazing architecture, a successful football team, splendid cuisine, and beautiful songs. But we bet that it was world famous Portuguese wine and vineyards that you put as your number one. And who else would come up with an idea to turn wine storage into an art, if not a Portuguese man?


An original bottle holder can play the role of an exclusive piece of interior décor. And this statement is surely true for the latest project of a young Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos – the HILLS bottle holder.

The sculptural nature of this accessory is not just a beautiful wave design selected for its harmonious seamless look. Indeed, it has an interesting message behind and embodies two notions: on the one hand, the waves make up traditional cells that have been used for storing wine bottles for ages; and on the other hand, they symbolize the hills covered with endless plantations of grape-bearing vines. And the latter fact gave the holder its name – the “HILLS”.


But being quite traditional and symbolic, the HILLS holder looks pretty contemporary and sleek as well. This is due to two important characteristics of Corian®, the material it is made of: strength and molding properties.

Corian is a very unique material, with a huge potential and possibilities. On the one hand, it is very stiff, resistant to shock loads and other mechanical impacts. It’s almost impossible to chip it.

On the other hand, it belongs to a small group of thermoplastic materials that become very flexible when heated up to 150-200 degrees Celsius. This allows for cutting, curving, shaping and curving it into limitless forms like a sheet of paper and then freezing the flowing forms. The process is called “thermoforming”. The same technology is used for making the HILLS bottle holder: a single sheet of Corian is sliced and molded into waves. Eventually, it seems like a wine bottle is fixed by the bands of some extremely stretching material and gives these bands the shape of the waves. While in fact it’s the other way round, and it is the solid structure that is holding the bottles. Such an effect makes this bottle holder a sculptural centerpiece of a kitchen countertop or a living room console.


By the way, besides molding properties and resistance, Corian has other valuable features that distinguish it from the rest of materials. For example, it’s ability to be given to polishing: thanks to it, the final products seem to be cut out of a solid piece. The same applies to adhesive joints – they can be sanded and polished so perfectly that you will never notice a seam. Secondly, Corian has no microscopic pores typical of natural materials, and hence has high exploitation and hygienic qualities. Thirdly, Corian is warmer to touch than natural stone: thanks to lower thermal conductivity, it takes on the ambient temperature. And fourthly, Corian can be easily cleaned from domestic grease and stains with just some soapy water.

So, the HILLS bottle holder embodies a nice combination of contemporary design and outstanding material.

The holder was designed for a multi-authored &BLANC brand for home accessories.

3-1-creative-wave-design-wine-bottle-holder-accessory-HILLS-by-Goncalo-Campos-Portugal-&Blanc-white-Corian 3-2-creative-wave-design-wine-bottle-holder-accessory-HILLS-by-Goncalo-Campos-Portugal-&Blanc-white-Corian

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