I Flauti: Amazing Hand-Blown Murano Glass Lamps

April 4, 2017
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It must be very joyful to feel involved in reviving good centuries-old traditions of your country and the entire globe, be engaged in preserving the world’s cultural heritage and give new life to unique ancient craftsmanship. Certainly this was what the English-Italian design team Giopato & Coombes felt when they started to work on their lamp design dubbed “I Flauti”.


I Flauti is the embodiment of two contrasting principles: ancient traditions and modern technologies. And this makes this lamp kind of a golden mean between the past and the future.

The tradition-related part of the lights is hand-blown Murano glass they are made from. It’s hard to believe this, but the history of glass-making in Venice dates back to the 10th century. It all began from the production of the most essential household items, then gradually developed into the visiting card of Venice and by the 15th century made this city the world leader in glass-making industry. After a period of depression, this splendid craftsmanship was restored and its best traditions are still alive nowadays. The glass was named in the honor of the Murano Island, where Venetian glass-makers had to relocate their workshops due to fire safety issues in the 13th century.


Now one of the most classical glassblowing techniques – “ballotòn” and “filigrana” – are used to make I Flauti lights. But besides being made from such a peculiar high-end material, this collection of lamps is interesting because of its modular nature: the glass modules they consist of are available in seven colors and shapes, which gives plenty of room for customization. Besides, each piece is one-of-a-kind, as it’s hand-blown. As for the colors, they are very typical of Venice, especially when the sun sets over it: rose, blue, yellow, green, and orange – all the most cheerful hues of the spectrum in a faceted frame.

By the way, the name I Flauti stands for “The Flutes”, and this is also symbolical, since the flute is one of the oldest musical instruments invented by the humankind.


And what about the modern part of I Flauti? Especially for this collection Giopato & Coombes worked out a 7-watt LED bulb (also produced in the suburbs of Venice, by the way) that shines both upward and downward through the lamp. Thereby about 25% of light is emitted indirectly (upward) and the rest 75% is emitted downward. A nice finishing touch to the collection is brought by hand-turned brass rings that hide all the must-have details of a suspended lamp in an elegant and laconic way.


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