Lamborghini Is Now Not Just Super Cars, But Super Furniture!

April 4, 2017
Posted in Furniture

When big names and renowned brands organize themselves into creative unions, the world gets the best pieces of interior design. We on HomeKlondike have already witnessed absolutely unexpected collaborations, but it still came as a surprise that the famous Italian manufacturer of solid wood furniture Riva 1920, the legendary producer of supercars Lamborghini and the prominent contemporary designer Karim Rashid created a …furniture collection.


The collection is dubbed “Authentic Living” and includes two types of desks, a sofa, a chair and a bookshelf. The set seems to be quite standard, but the quality of workmanship is truly exclusive. All the pieces of the collection are sinuously shaped and made from solid walnut. There is no doubt that a living room furnished with such elements will look elite and exclusive, and every small detail of it will convey the philosophy of splendid Italian factories.


The combination of natural materials and contemporary production methods has borne fruit. The new product line appeared to be so unique that it was given a whole stand by Riva 1920 for Milan Design Week that starts today and will be held till the 9th of April.


As for the Lamborghini, its owners explain such a peculiar partnership by their strong desire to demonstrate the DNA of their brand not just via luxurious sports cars, but also by means of interior design.


And Karim Rashid who designed the collection said it was amazing experience of linking craftsmanship and next-generation technologies.


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