10 Must-Haves of Stylish Italian Art-Deco Interiors

April 5, 2017
Posted in Furniture

The wide choice of interior design pieces we have today is like an embarrassment of riches and makes us want so many things. That’s we tried to narrow the list down to just 10 hottest trends that make interiors fashionable and stylish.


Italian furniture clearly needs no introduction. This phrase is inherently linked to such notions as ultimate elegancy, nobility, discretion of lines and stylishness. And though these characteristics are true for dozens of Italian brands, today we’d like to dwell on just one – Philipp Selva – and use their collections to show all the top trends of contemporary furniture design. What makes this brand special is the fact that it has been already 50 years since the son of the Selva brand’s founder started to leads all the processes in the family business, but also works personally on every new product design this mill produces. This is not a common practice, and we appreciate uniqueness. So, let’s begin!

Trend 1: Mirror Wall Décor

Two and more mirrors, beautifully framed or per se, arranged according to some pattern or chaotically – they look elegant, fresh, stylish and space-expanding anyway.


Trend 2:  Capitone Furniture

Sofas and beds with capitone pattern became fashionable back in the 19th century and ever since then has been associated to something luxurious and elegant. In contemporary interiors it has become a symbol of stylish living rooms and bedrooms.


Trend 3: Group of Coffee Tables

One more must-have of a fashionable interior is a group of coffee tables. They can be designed in the same style, but be mismatched in terms of dimensions, or they can be absolutely equally-sized but painted in different, even contrasting colors. Such a solution is convenient, functional and fresh, especially if you shift the tables from time to time.


Trend 4: Chest of Drawers in Chinese Style

Oriental and ethnic details included into contemporary-style interiors are a distinctive feature of art-deco style. And an unostentatious Chinese chest of drawers would fit into any space and bring a note of mystery and originality.


Trend 5: Bookcase

The time when bookcases were merely created for storage purposes are already gone. Now its light sophisticated frame is more commonly used as a display piece for most eye-catchy elements of décor. Such a bookcase can even become a full-fledged piece of art.


Trend 6: Art-Deco-Style Chairs

Clear geometry, quiet color palette and shape that seem to symbolize the first class – all this refers to chairs in art-déco style.


Trend 7: Arm-Chair with Ears

The shape of these arm-chairs has won the hearts of interior designs and common people seeking original furniture pieces long time ago. They are comfortable, sculptural and ideal for having some time of privacy.


Trend 8: One Black Piece

Black color is traditionally deemed a symbol of status and delicate taste in many spheres of life, not just interior design. So, such a gorgeous glossy desk of non-standard shape is one more prrof to this fact.


Trend 9: One Dark Blue Piece

Blue color is unlikely to go out of fashion in the near future. And speaking of this hue, it is home textile that seems to be the best option for representing this noble color in interior design. For example, such a comfy arm-chair would look great in any color, but blue seems to be the most spectacular.


Trend 10: Something Brass

Non-ferrous metals are taking their time in the world of interior design, and brass seems to be one of the most popular choices in many international projects. Brass lamps, accessories, furniture feet and handles, in short all small details manufactured in this metal can refresh even a totally monochrome interior and bring a note of precious shine to it.


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