Light & Functional Self-Designed Apartment with Vintage Accents

April 17, 2017
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Helen, her husband Stan and their little daughter Eva purchased an apartment with the total area of 74 square meters about 2 years ago. Being a decorator by profession, Helen was determined to take a chance as a first-time interior designer, and hence the entire process of the renovation from a 3D-plan to the total control over the construction crew was handled by her. She has taken up the challenge of turning an old dull flat with tiny rooms and loads of corridors into a spacious residential area with competently arranged functional zones. Lucky for her, all the load-bearing walls were located around the apartment perimeter, and hence the layout could be changed safely and entirely. As a consequence now we can see a big public zone for spending time with family and friends, and two full-fledged bedrooms.


The living room is open to the kitchen and dining area, but this space is pretty clearly divided into functional zones. The lounge zone is furnished with a sofa in Flemish style, a reclaimed wood coffee table and a chandelier by LeHome. The wall behind the sofa is decorated with mirrors brought from a Parisian flea market and a portrait of the mistress’s mother painted in retro style.

1-1-traditional-style-interior-open-concept-kitchen-living-room-white-glass-cabinets-buil-in-oven-Flemish-sofa-red-accents-vintage-decor 1-2-Flemish-style-gray-sofa-red-cover-throw-pillows-couch-retro-style-portrait-vintage-decor-wall-sun-mirror-coffee-table

A tiny loggia was turned into a small work area with a computer desk and an impressive black chair by Eichholtz.

2-1-traditional-style-interior-open-concept-kitchen-dining-room-work-area-on-the-recessed-balcony-loggia-table-transparent-chairs-Christmas-decor-open-book-shelf 2-2-contemporary-style-interior-small-tiny-study-work-area-desk-Eichholtz-chair-black-brutal-computer-vintage-boxes-decor-retro-portraits

But the most full-fledged of all the zones in this open space is the kitchen. Helen likes to cook and bake and made her prep area very functional. A neat white kitchen set and a dining table by IKEA are complemented with transparent Italian chairs by Calligaris. You must have already noticed that the apartment is fulfilled with sweet vintage stuff. The point is the mistress is a big fan of flea markets and loves to buy small things for home there: a sugar bowl, a hand mirror, old photo frames and so on. Besides, many beautiful things that can be found in her home came to her through her Grandma. For example, a Czech china set and nickel silver cutlery.

3-1-traditional-style-interior-open-concept-white-kitchen-set-IKEA-glass-cabinets-dining-room-beige-gray-walls-arch-transparent-chairs-Christmas-decor-brick-tile 3-2-traditional-style-kitchen-set-white-glass-cabinets-drawers-built-in-oven-appliances-Christmas-decor-on-knobs 3-3-traditional-style-kitchen-set-white-cabinets-cooker-hood-stove-sink-black-retro-water-tap-mixer-gray-brick-tiles-backsplash-Provence-towel-rack 3-4-black-retro-style-water-tap-mixer-wooden-cutting-board-liquid-soap-dispenser-brick-wall-tiles-white-sink-kitchen 3-5-traditional-style-interior-small-dining-room-set-white-table-transparent-chairs-beautiful-Czech-glasses-crystal-Christmas-setting-decor-floral-curtains-cozy 3-6-vintage-style-decor-flowers-white-jug-photo-frame-lantern

The master bedroom windows are north-facing, and hence the walls in this room were painted warm beige. The furniture here is complementing the Flemish-style sofa that we already saw in the lounge: both an upholstered bed and chairs by LeHome are designed in the same style and a quiet gray color.

4-0-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-gray-Flemish-style-upholstered-bed-capitone-pattern-arm-chair-curtains-wall-artworks-desk 4-1-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-Flemish-style-upholstered-bed-capitione-headboard-gray-woodem-desk-chair-photo-frame-throw-pillow 4-3-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-gray-Flemish-style-furniture-upholstered-bed-capitone-headboard-metal-rivets-accessories-arm-chair

The kid’s room is furnished with casual IKEA pieces, and dressed up with Italian lamps by Eurolampart and funny wall stickers.

5-1-contemporary-style-toddler-room-girl's-kids-bedroom-interior-work-area-white-desk-pink-wheeled-chair-white-top-cabinets 5-2-contemporary-style-interior-kids-toddler-girl's-room-bedroom-metal-wrought-bed-white-wall-colorful-accents-wall-stickers-owl-tree 5-3-white-work-desk-pink-lamp-tablet-pencil-cup-organizer

As for the bathrooms, they are both designed in a black and white color scheme.

6-1-contemporary-style-bathroom-interior-with-small-window-marble-wall-tiles-corner-bathtub-acrylic-wash-basin-black-mirror-cabinet 6-2-contemporary-style-bathroom-interior-black-and-white-wall-tiles-decor-fairy-tale-motifs-wrought-metal-mirror-frame-track-light

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