How to Turn a Balcony into a Cozy Nook? Real-Life Example

April 23, 2017
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The mistress of this balcony, Linda, is a professional interior designer. She spends most of her life in the studio and always felt a longing to have a place, where she could take a break from hustle and routine and take time for her personal thoughts and ideas. And that’s when she decided to consider her own balcony: it’s open and has a total area of 5 square meters – pretty much for contemplation and hygge.


Linda lives in a suburban house with traditional monolithic masonry walls. The neighborhood is very green and the girl’s apartment on the 8th floor offers a splendid forest view. The feeling of being in the countryside was so strong that the mistress couldn’t waste a chance to “connect” the balcony with the outdoors. That’s great when you can imagine yourself in a gazebo filled with odors of beautiful flowers somewhere in the woods; and all of this without leaving the house. In fact, the process didn’t take much effort – just 4 easy steps…

Step 1: Sunblind

For a start you should protect yourself from sun glare and bad weather conditions. Linda solved this problem using a sunblind, which is universal, practical and easy-to-use. The fabric was picked with both interior and exterior color schemes in mind.

Step 2: Re-using the sill

The sill of the window overlooking the balcony was re-used as a compact bar table. Why not? It was already available and didn’t take any extra space. The only thing to do was to replace the original iron sill with beautiful tiles. Given the small scale of the surface, the mistress set her choice upon small-scale tiles in Mediterranean style. They became a color accent of the lounge zone, and a perfect spot for displaying candles, flower pots and other pieces of décor.


Step 3: Furniture

Then we gradually came to selecting the furnishing. Wooden and bamboo pieces are surely eco-friendly and pleasant to sit on, but unfortunately they demand special care and have to be put away somewhere for the winter-time. That’s why the choice was set upon a wicker set made from synthetic material.

Step 4 – Flowers

Finally, we came to the last step on the way to the dream balcony – flower pots. Guardrails were decorated with rectangular flower boxes, and a few pots were put on the floor and on the sill. Bright flowers brought a splash of color to the quiet backdrop and filled the air with sweet odors. They perfectly match the landscape and even create some sense of privacy.

So, you see that turning a balcony into a cozy inspiration nook is not a big deal – just 4 small tricks, and you’ll get the atmosphere for nice time-spending!

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