Cheerful Dentist’s Office That You Would Like to Visit Again & Again

April 28, 2017
Posted in Interiors

Is it possible to turn a dental clinic into a place, where patients would be able to relax completely, trust a pro and come back again to? Yes, sure!


The designers of this project first met their client right at the construction site. It was a spacious concrete area in a newly-built modern business centre. Inspired by the image of the place, fashionable and contemporary-style, the designers realized at once that the design of the future dentist’s office should be bright, eye-catchy and different from the interiors you usually see in dental clinics. The major task was to design a reception zone and a waiting area. Besides, the client needed two doctor’s offices (X-ray and surgery), a cloakroom for visitors, a small kitchen for the staff and a guest bathroom.

Picked as a starting point for the entire project was a reception zone. The desk for it was custom-made in a carpentry workshop. Its semi-circular construction appeared to be pretty massive for the relatively tight space and the designers decided to soften it by making it multicolor. In their efforts to find creative solutions the ladies came across bright, versatile, juicy and recognizable stripes in the style of Paul Smith. The famous English designer of men’s clothes once said that the world consists of stripes, but they are not black-and-white – they are multicolored. This concept was fully in line with the character and style of the client, his patients and the contemporary style of the business centre in general, so the designers didn’t hesitate to grab this idea. When the colors were picked, the wall behind the reception desk was decorated with light and airy 3D panels.


The waiting area was split into two basic colors – cream white and coffee brown, which than “spread” across the entire clinic. To disguise the dullness of a windowless space, it was complemented with faux windows. They resemble the shape of the reception desk, create the effect of natural light thanks to LED strip lights, and match the Paul Smith’s stripes thanks to 3D-wallpaper glued inside. As for the furnishing of this area, it was selected in an IKEA store.


The vital part of the project is the lighting system. In the reception and waiting areas it is pretty complex: built-in spot lights are coupled with an artichoke-shaped lamp by Lightstar, and LED strip lights illuminating each colored stripe are found next to exposed bulbs on multicolored wires.


As for the rest of the spaces, each of them is designed in an individual dominating color: orange, green, red and light blue. The healthcare furniture was custom-made under the designers’ sketches. The walls were decorated with mirrors and positive photos of happy dentist’s clients. The flooring material in the reception zone, waiting area, corridor and the staff room is ceramic granite, and in the therapist’s offices you will find vinyl laminate imitating brushed oak texture.


The guest bathroom was designed with special attention to details. The designers selected 12 different colors that look great together and painted multicolored stripes on two accents walls. They immediately became a fresh piece of art, especially against the neutral light background of wall tiles.


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