Super-Relaxing & Elegant Bedroom Interior Design in Beige & Gray

May 2, 2017
Posted in Bedroom

What is the most important thing about a bedroom interior design? We believe that it’s comfortable furniture, unostentatious color scheme and well-thought-out lighting system. In this project the author complemented this set with a fireplace and created a dream place for rest after a long working day.


Initially this bedroom in a suburban house was nothing special: square shape and three big windows. At the same time, it has a total area of 25 square meters and a sufficient ceiling height – 3.3 meters. So, in the hands of a qualified designer the room was able to unleash its whole potential.

According to the golden rule of interior design, the best choice for square-shaped rooms is symmetrical arrangement of furniture – such a plan looks and feels most harmonious. So, on either side of the bed put were nightstands, and opposite – a fireplace with symmetrical comfy arm-chairs.


The clients are people dedicated to traditional lifestyle, so when it came to choosing finishing materials, preference was given to the time-tested ones: light grayish beige paint by Little Greene for the walls, and parquet boards by Solid Floor for the floor. The fireplace surrounding is made from natural stone.


Next to the bedroom arranged was a roomy walk-in closet, and hence in the bedroom the designer got a chance to do with just a minimum set of storage furniture: a chest of drawers for keeping personal stuff and clothes and a compact console table with one drawer. And of course, envisaged was a bookcase: books must be always at hand when one is sitting by the fireplace.


As for the stylistic concept, the designer had her heart set upon American transitional style: it’s just perfect when you need to create a cozy and airy interior. In this bedroom you will see all the must-haves of this style: an upholstered capitone bed, elegantly-shaped arm-chairs and a huge multi-layered chandelier.


Big windows are dressed up with beautiful dense ripple-folded curtains. The floor is covered with a soft rug – it immediately made the room cozier. To balance the fireplace surround, it was complemented with a large-scale contemporary artwork above. It beautifully brought together all the color shades of the interior and thus made it even more integral. The rest of home décor details will be added by the masters when they move in.

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