10 Fresh Ideas from Instagram Accounts of Interior Designers

May 4, 2017
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In this post we decided to bring together 10 inspiring ideas displayed by famous contemporary designers in their Instagram accounts. Here you will see only fresh projects, versatile rooms – kid’s bedrooms, studies, hallways and even staircases – and a bunch of absolutely different styles – from loft to English and Provence. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you to change something in your home? So, let’s begin!


This gorgeous hallway was designed with so much attention to materials, furnishing and details that we should admit that not every master cares as much about his living room interior. Sophisticated English–style atmosphere is created by means of the relative floor tiles, oak wall panels and a massive gray cornice made from …cement. The image is complemented by a grand Cassina table, a couple of symmetrical consoles by Moissonnier and a beautiful chandelier by Barovier & Toso.


In May evenings are getting longer and lighter, and it’s a great pleasure when in the living room you can do with just soft LED backlights of bookshelves.


The chamber atmosphere of this classical study is softened by a photo taken by the owner of the room. The seascape with a clear vista has three important roles: it brings the note of depth to the interior, helps to rest the eyes during the intensive work and reminds about the most important part of any job – breaks.


There are interiors, which are composed of a bunch of small details, each of which is clearly thought-out and competently fit in. We guess this is true about this room!


This sweet kid’s bedroom has many nice features: a loft bed that is not too tall and hence makes a toddler’s sleep more healthy providing enough fresh air; plenty of storage zones, including drawers, glass cabinets, open racks and baskets beneath the bed; a nice color scheme with sustainable amount of bright colors required for a child’s mental development, stripy wallpaper that makes the low ceiling appear higher and a fluffy rug for comfortable games in the middle of the room.


This wall in loft style is the pride of the designer. It looks so realistic that it’s hard to believe that it’s made from plaster panels.


This kid’s room interior design project is very eye-pleasing and cozy. Its traditional style and unostentatious color palette are great for any age of the kid – from primary school till teenage dreams.


This is the part of a gorgeous dining room interior featuring a cabinet by Ralph Lauren and symmetrically arranged floor lamps matching the abstract carpet pattern.


The mistress of this place calls her mezzanine a Karlsson’s roof. It houses a lounge zone and a guest sleeping place, a curtained walk-in closet and a bathroom. And the nickname of the room is once more confirmed by a sketch-poster of Parisian roofs.


And finally this is the photo of a staircase landing designed in the style of Provence with notes of classics. Pretty cozy and aristocratic at the same time, isn’t it?


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