Summer Cottage Living Room Decoration + Amazing DIY Ideas

May 11, 2017
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In small summer cottages one room can have absolutely versatile purposes depending on the needs of its inhabitants. In our today’s project the biggest room in the summer house plays the role of a dining room and a lounge for the whole family and a bedroom for the Grandma. Designing such a multifunctional space is quite challenging, but the author of this project managed to zone the room in a skillful and competent way using special  furniture arrangement, a couple of retro lamps, room divider curtains and a folding screen. Now the Grandmother’s nook features a full-fledged bed, a coffee table, an arm-chair, a folding screen, a sofa and a chest. So, it’s also a cozy lounge zones where the members of this family love to spend time together.


And the dining area is arranged in the opposite corner: it features a compact round dining table lit by a nostalgic lamp with a fringed shade. Thanks to the designer’s bright in every way ideas and imagination almost every surface in this cheerful interior is decorated: the walls, floor, window shutters, doors and furniture. High-end, but already out-of-fashion wooden chests of drawers were, for example, refreshed by painting the door panels in bright colors: white, blue, pink. Even the seams of yellow wooden plank walls were touched by a designer hand: painted contrasting black, they make the room appear even more pretty and festive.


As for the doors, there is a common misconception that a few doors in one room are something that spoils the interior design. However, everything changes when they are arranged in a symmetrical composition. This can be obtained by means of a cupboard, like in this project, or an art wall, for example.


Customary crown moldings in this room were abandoned in favor of original multicolor tiles. So that the ceramic décor was fixed safely, a hole was in drilled in the wall behind each tile. Tile adhesive would penetrate into it and enhance the fixation significantly.


And finally we came to the last and most interesting part of our post – DIY ideas. If you liked the way the furniture, shutters and doors are painted, or you enjoy the trim of the red chair or the room divider, you may find the instructions and images of how you can do it yourself below! So, let’s begin…

DIY: Stenciled / Painted Furniture

Decorating furniture with stencils is a simple, beautiful and entertaining way to turn the plainest stuff into a piece of applied arts. The thing you should start with is preparing a sketch. At this point it’s important to consider the size and the color scheme of the future image, as well as the style and palette of the whole interior in general. Though you can surely buy a furniture stencil in a store, it would be nice to make it on your own. A touch of handmade will add personal warmth to your décor. As soon as you decided on the sketch, it’s time to apply the paint with small pieces of a sponge and that’s it!


DIY: Room Divider Decoration

We take a ready-made and painted folding screen frame as an intermediate product. Then a few lace napkins made in a beautiful tatting technique are sewed to a piece of textile with a special polyester fishing twine. So that our divider looked festively on both sides, its back is decorated with a piece of sheer curtains. When the fabric is done, just fix it to the screen frame with a sticky tape.

5-sewing-tatting-tatted-napkin-serviette-to-fabric-machine-DIY-idea 6-decorating-folding-screen-room-divider-with-sheer-curtains-lace-tattiing-tatted-knitted-napkin-DIY-idea

DIY: Chair Decoration

A basic chair can be changed beyond recognition – just paint it bright red, add a pure white knitted napkin and some fringe! To make such a chair on your own, cut out a piece of foam rubber the size of your chair seat and a piece of textile adding 5 cm along the perimeter. Sew the napkin to the fabric with a polyester fishing twine, put the foam and fix the cushion to a piece of veneer with an upholstery staple gun. Then trim the wooden details with versatile fringes and that’s it!

7-DIY-decorating-chair-trimming 8-DIY-decorating-chair-trimming-ideas-red-white-fringes 9-country-style-living-dining-room-interior-design-summer-house-yellow-wooden-planks-walls-stove-stenciled-painted-furniture-window-shutters-rustic-ornaments-bright-red-blue-chair-trimming-DIY-idea-fringed-knitted

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