Stylish Image-Maker’s Apartment Furnished with Eichholtz Pieces

May 17, 2017
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Creating an interior for a person who lives in the world of fashion and is well-versed in it is a complicated and challenging, yet very interesting task. Have you ever seen how fashion experts live? Let’s take a sneak peek!


The author of this project was charged with the responsibility of creating a contemporary and trendy interior that would be equally good for working from home and having a good rest. And the hostess of the apartment, a professional fashion stylist and image-maker, prepared loads of ideas in the form of numerous clippings from fashion and interior design magazines. So, from the very beginning it was clear that the final interior was supposed to be light, lively and tastefully furnished.

The total area of this two-room flat is just 68 square meters and its shape is irregular: one of the walls is angled at 45 degrees. This little nuisance was however skillfully turned into a benefit of the space: the kitchen was arranged diagonally. By the way, the kitchen-dining room can be easily separated from the lounge with a partition anytime the hosts need one more isolated room.


In terms of stylistic concept the choice was set upon European style with the notes of minimalism. The atmosphere of the bedroom appeared to be especially relaxing thanks to a predominant quiet pastel color palette and a custom-made upholstered bed. The space was complemented with a cozy reading zone composed of a comfy arm-chair and a couple of symmetrical display cabinets. Also, the bedroom has a walk-in closet exit, which was the prerequisite of the mistress, for whom fashion is daily life.

2-1-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-beige-and-gray-Eichholtz-furniture-upholstered-bed-tall-headboard-black-bedside-lamps-tables-chandelier-reading-area-glass-bookcase-arm-chair-rug-purple-accents 2-2-contemporary-style-bedroom-interior-design-beige-and-gray-Eichholtz-furniture-upholstered-bed-black-bedside-lamps-chandelier-reading-area-symmetrical-glass-bookcases-arm-chair-purple-walk-in-closet-curtain

In the open-concept living room and kitchen used was a similar powdered color scheme, but with the addition of deep quiet hues. Most of the furniture and items of décor were purchased in the Eichholtz show-room. The author of this project is a big fan of this Dutch brand, and it’s definitely the height of fashion, which especially pleased the hostess.

3-1-contemporary-style-living-room-interior-design-beige-walls-Eichholtz-furniture-white-sofa-marble-coffee-table-blue-arm-chairs-black-fireplace-brass-art-deco-chandelier-wall-lamps-sconces-wall-poster-art 3-3-contemporary-style-living-room-interior-design-beige-walls-Eichholtz-furniture-white-sofa-marble-coffee-table-black-fireplace-brass-art-deco-chandelier-wall-lamps-sconces-wall-poster-art 3-2-contemporary-style-living-room-open-concept-kitchen-interior-design-beige-walls-Eichholtz-furniture-marble-coffee-table-blue-arm-chairs-black-fireplace-brass-art-deco-chandelier-angled-wall-bar-table

The kitchen set was custom-made on a private furniture mill. One more essential condition put by the owner – a bar table – was also met: now she can make cooking an activity when friends and relatives come to their place. Sleek glossy handleless cabinets were a little bit refreshed with a 3D backsplash by Atlas Concorde (Diamond White Matt pattern). And in a cozy nook along the angled wall of the kitchen there’s a big table with two comfortable sofas. The hosts frequently work from home and having such a zone was a must for them. Also, the mistress gave up the idea of a dressing table in the bedroom in favor of this zone and never regretted this: thanks to panoramic windows, it’s a perfect place for putting makeup on.

4-1-contemporary-style-living-room-open-concept-kitchen-interior-design-beige-walls-Eichholtz-furniture-marble-wall-blue-arm-chair-angled-wall-bar-table-gray-stools-curtains-suspended-lamps-white-cabinets 4-2-contemporary-style-open-concept-kitchen-interior-design-blue-walls-marble-wall-angled-wall-bar-table-gray-stools-sleek-glossy-white-and-blue-kitchen-cabinets-3D-backsplash-tiles-diamond-shaped-table-art

The apartment has two bathrooms: the first one is equipped with a walk-in shower and is adjacent to the master bedroom. The other, with a bathtub, is used by both hosts and their guests. Most of the bright color splashes were kept for these two rooms: saturated shades of Atlas Concorde tiles dressed up and refreshed the walls.


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