Monochrome Taupe-Color Interior with a Hint of Art-Deco

May 18, 2017
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This newly-built two-room apartment was initially quite challenging: it was extremely deep and badly lacked daylight. So, planning the layout on the total area of 95 square meters was a pretty complicated task. The samples of interior that the hostess showed to the designer were arranged in neutral pastel colors. So, in the end they both had their hearts set upon taupe color – a soft tone of grayish brown.  As for the finishing materials, the author gave preference to top-quality natural ones: expensive paint, iconic wallpaper, block parquet, and ceramic granite. And in terms of style the focus was put on unostentatious accents of art-deco. What do we have in the end? Let’s go on a virtual tour around this flat!


Living Room

Given that the dominating style of the interior is art-deco, the decision to arrange the furniture symmetrically was taken for granted. The furnishing of the lounge is composed of a couple of matching sofas, wall-to-wall bookshelves, and a console with a mirror above it. One of the important roles in this room’s design was given to ornaments (like geometrical pattern on the curtains) that brought a note of dynamics and color splashes (like blue and turquoise velvety couch pillows, a rug, blue table lamps by Kartell and pieces of décor displayed on the shelving unit), which added the sense of life that monochrome interiors always lack.


Kitchen/Dining Room

Considering that the mistress cooks once in a fortnight, the prep area was stylistically brought closer to the living room: a tall ceiling-to-floor kitchen set perfectly blends with the general festive atmosphere of the public part of the home. It’s complemented with a gorgeous elegant dining suite crowned with a marvelous chandelier.


The dominating tone is grayish brown, but it’s skillfully diluted with blue and turquoise accents. In general, this apartment’s interior is based on the mixture of versatile textures: glossy and matte, velvety and sleek, warm and cold. Thus, smooth monochrome kitchen doors are perceived as wall panels, while the backsplash is created from glass mosaics with mirrored dusting and geometrical pattern.


There were many second thoughts about the wall mural with dancing girls – it first seemed to be too bright and active for the reserved monochrome interior and the designer thought it might become an irritant. But time has proven that it looks great and quiet organic.


The open-concept kitchen, dining room and living room were enlarged thanks to the addition and winterization of the recessed balcony. Now this cozy nook features a bar and a seamless windowsill made in composite stone. It’s the family’s favorite spot for breakfasts and meeting with friends. To crown it all, it provides a spectacular view of a golf club and beautiful sunsets.



Delicate sketches of roses first appeared on the bedspread and were later supported by gorgeous floral wallpaper, the color of which sets the atmosphere for the entire interior. Feminine and tender character of the bedroom is emphasized by a couple of mirrored nightstands, framed necklaces above the bed and light and airy curtains.



Due to the limited budget, the primary idea of facing the bathroom with marble was abandoned in favor of ceramic granite tiles imitating natural stone texture.


The room was able to house both a walk-in shower and a bathtub. Mirror panels glued in the wall recesses make the space appear almost endless. And sanitary ware and faucets were selected with art-deco spirit in mind.



A compact entrance hall is furnished quite laconically: a shoe bench, a coat rack and a piece of art-deco – a full-length mirror in a massive metal frame.



An eye-catchy detail of the corridor is the wall covered with iconic wallpaper from Nabucco collection by Designers Guild. Its monochrome ornaments “woven” from stripes and geometrical patterns perfectly match the parquetry pattern and doorway finishes.


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