DIY: How to Make a Designer Sunburst Mirror with Your Own Hands

May 23, 2017
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Probably, there was some day in your life when you were looking through a fashion magazine, and your eyes were just fascinated with an image of some designer home accessory. However, as soon as your eye caught its price typed below in the fine print, you would realize that your dreams about getting it for your home should be shelved. In such cases the most important thing is not to give up. Remember the golden rule of creative design: if you can’t buy something, make it on your own! The summer is already on your doorstep and it’s high time to let in more sun into your home. You surely know the iconic Sunburst Mirror by Layla Grace. But if the price of 350 dollars is something that discourages you from getting it, have a look at this entertaining DIY and create this modern accessory with your own hands!


What you need for a handmade Sunburst Mirror is:

  • a round mirror;
  • a set of bamboo skewers (in this DIY it’s a set of 100 pieces, each 30-cm long);
  • a brass crafts ring of the same diameter as your mirror (or a little bigger);
  • gold spray paint;
  • a hot glue gun (advisable).

Step-by-Step Instructions

For a start we should create a stencil, either on a computer or by hand. In the end we should get a pattern you see on the image below: a circle divided into 24 equal sections with an inner circle remote from the outer edge by about 2-3 cm. Then transfer the pattern to a piece of cardboard, the shape and diameter of which would be the same as your mirror.


On the next step we divide the bamboo sticks into 4 piles, each consisting of 24 pieces. These will be our future 96 sunrays. Cut the sharp ends from one side of each skewer. The sticks from the first pile should be put aside, and the skewers from parts 2, 3 and 4 should be shortened to 7, 10 and 13 cm length respectively.

Glue the first set of skewers along the lines on the cardboard base. As you already guessed, they will play the role of the longest rays. It’s recommendable to use a hot glue gun, since it ensures faster and more accurate work.


As for the skewers from the second part, they should be glued starting from the edge of the small inner circle. Fix them at either side of long rays as shown on the image below. Then do the same thing with the sticks from the third pile and finally the shortest ones.


Now it’s high time to make the bamboo sunrays golden! When the spray paint dries out completely, fix the mirror above golden sunrays so that it completely covered the cardboard framework. And then stick the brass crafts ring. It would be nice if the diameter of the ring would be a little bit bigger than the mirror diameter. Otherwise you’d have to glue it right on the mirror surface, and making it accurately is not that easy. Now the only thing left is to take care about the other side of the mirror and attach a mount, on which it will hang.


That’s it! Now you’re a happy owner of a designer Sunburst Mirror made with your own hands!


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