How to Escape Darkness in Your Home: 5 Useful Life Hacks

May 24, 2017
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In most European countries people don’t see much sun, and the fall-winter period sometimes seems to be endless. This becomes even worse when windows of our homes are not that big, sunken deep in the walls or even north-facing. But it’s not the reason to lose heart – there are a few designer tricks that can help to eliminate the problem of dark spaces. Here they are…

1. Work with your window aperture

he first thing you should check about your window is the angle of the side jambs. As a rule, it’s 90 degrees, but if you have it the jambs “opened” inside the room, this will allow higher light penetration.


One more easy way to make a room lighter by about 25% is to finish the side jambs and head of the window with mirror panels – double reflection of light is a must in dark rooms.


2. Get yourself LED strip lights

It would be a nice idea to install flexible LED strip lights at either side of the window or around its perimeter. If you like this option, pay special attention to the color temperature of the tapes. Remember that daylight, which you want to imitate, is cold, and when the sun sets, it may look unnatural. That is why LED lights with the color temperature of 4,000 K are what you need in daytime, and they should be switched off in the evening.


Besides LED tapes, you may opt for track lights. This choice is especially relevant in case you have a balcony or loggia exit in this room.


3. Play around with colors

You surely have colors that at all times re-charge your batteries and lift your spirits. Maybe, these are comprehensive tones of green, mustard or yellow? A great way to play around with colors is to play on light-dark shades of the same color. For example, your dark, north-facing room would look visually lighter and bigger, if you make the corridor before it a little darker, and the room itself – same-color, but by one tone lighter.


4. Give preference to thin home textile

North-facing and dark rooms should be dressed up with light, as transparent as possible sheer curtains. They let in more daylight and create an incredible sense of a light haze. While denser fabrics can be used for night-time curtains.


5. Watch the sun

If you’re still in search of an apartment, bring a compass with you when you come to view possible options. Thanks to it, you will have no problem realizing the way the sun will move around your flat. Who knows, maybe it will be in your bedroom in the morning or in the dining zone when you have a supper. Anyway, now you know important tools of work with light and color, which can change almost any space and make it either chamber-like and semi-dark or bright and filled with light.


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