Award-Winning Project of Apartment Interior in Modern Classical Style

May 26, 2017
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Can you imagine a functional interior penetrated with the spirit of modern Parisian apartments? If no, this post is for you! You’ll see what comes out in the end when classics is coupled with ultra-modern design and pieces of art – artworks and sculptures.


This interior design project won the first prize in a famous online “PinWin” contest of interiors in the category of “Interiors of Newly-Built Apartments”. All the participants had the same requirements specification: working out a layout plan and interior design for a three-room open-plan apartment with the total area of 110 square meters. The only load-bearing element was a load-bearing column in the middle of the flat. The ceiling height is 3.1 meters. Potential apartment owners are a middle-aged childless family couple. The project had to include a living room, a dining room/kitchen, a master and guest bedroom, a master and guest bathroom and additional utility rooms or zones (a pantry, laundry, walk-in-closet, hallway, and corridor).

Besides, the contest pre-determined the future style of the space: it was described as “reserved modern classics”, which means that plenty of ultra-expressive decorative elements, like sophisticated plasterwork, bas-reliefs, columns and etc. were not so welcome. Just like any “sterile” interior solutions. The color scheme had to be quiet, natural, and predominantly light. As for the finishing materials, the competitors were free to choose any in the middle-price segment. So, let’s see what the author of the award-winning project created!

Living Room

Paying tribute to classics, the designer follows the rules of symmetry: the group of lounge seating furniture is arranged on the same axle with a faux fireplace surrounding and a TV-set, and a bay window dressed up with elegant curtains is in line with the suite of rooms and a chest of drawers with two big lamps standing in the corridor. To bring some color into the interior, the author resorts to beautiful home textile – velvet and satin sofa upholstery and throw pillows, picturesque abstract paintings and an iridescent silky carpet.



The doorways between the rooms are organized on a single axle and thus create two interesting vistas: from the living room to the hallway, and from the entrance hall to the corridor, which is crowned with a backlit sculpture on a pedestal.


Master Bathroom

For the sake of convenience and accentuating definite zones, the designer puts all the sanitary ware into separate wall recesses. A countertop is complemented with a wide skirting made in natural quartz, and a sink is glued from below.


Dining Room

To add the sense of depth and expand the space in the dining area at least visually, the space between the two doorways will be decorated with a big black tinted mirror. The side of the table pushed against it seems to be dissolving in the space…



The most important thing about the kitchen was to make it as monolithic and minimalistic as possible; it’s open-concept to the living room, and hence had to be designed like a part of the wall. This feeling is enhanced by the countertop and backsplash made in the same material – quartz stone with natural marble texture. However, this room has a couple of drawbacks: firstly, the only exit to the kitchen is arranged in the living room, and secondly, the size of the worktop is pretty small.


Guest Bedroom

Here the designer pursues a strategy of symmetry again. Wardrobes on either side of the bed (each one-meter wide) create a cozy recess for a bed with a tall headboard. And to make the wall space appear visually bigger, the sides of wardrobes will be also finished with diagonal stripy wallpaper.


Master Bedroom

As for the bedroom of the hosts, it’s also symmetrical, but the atmosphere here is more theatrical: a spectacular wall mural with a scale pattern is coupled with a tall upholstered headboard, and light folding screens with compact arm-chairs are found next to extra-large lampshades. Such furniture arrangement allows for frequent and easy changes of the scenery. The plus of this project is that the author envisaged a separate walk-in closet, which eliminated the need for putting a wardrobe in the room.


Guest bathroom

In terms of style and functionality the guest bathroom is designed quite similar to the master one. Not to split the tight space and make it look visually bigger, the bathroom furniture will be painted in the same color as the walls. And the shower wall will be decorated with unostentatious mosaic tiles.


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