Dynamic One-Room Apartment Interior for Young People & Fans of Red

May 26, 2017
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The apartment interior design project we’d like to show you in this post is meant for a young family couple. The only load-bearing column in the middle of the space allowed for bold layout experiments and ergonomical furniture arrangement. To make the interior more dynamic the author actively used faux bricks and glass blocks. Coupled with modern lights and red accents in the furnishing and décor, they created a vibrant loft-style atmosphere. So, let’s have a closer look at all the nooks!

Living room

Having abandoned the idea of having a pantry, the couple decided to make the most of the space they have and split it into two isolated rooms: a bedroom and lounge. The latter will be open to the kitchen for the sake of more spaciousness. The spice of this interior is that it you will hardly find a blank wall here. Even the wall behind the sofa that is conventionally left spare or just decorated with artworks, in this case will be equipped with a wall-to-wall shelving unit for storing books and displaying home accessories. It will be made from MDF, coated with natural veneer and painted. Faux brick walls create an expressive background for a red sofa, cheerful yellow couch pillows and a few contrasting yellow bookshelves. And a clock in the style of steampunk with exposed mechanisms will bring a finishing touch to the industrial spirit of the room.

1-1-industrial-loft-style-bright-interior-design-with-red-and-yellow-accents-lounge-living-room-corner-sofa-shelving-unit-wall-to-wall-bookshelves-track-lights-faux-brick-wall-wheeled-chest-steampunk-clock-exposed 1-2-industrial-loft-style-bright-interior-design-with-red-and-yellow-accents-lounge-living-room-corner-sofa-shelving-unit-bookshelves-track-lights-faux-brick-wall-wheeled-chest-steampunk-clock-glass-block-wall-TV


A red lamp and a same-color double cooker hood inspired by the painted pipes of the last century are definitely centerpieces of the kitchen. And LED lights above the worktop and spot ceiling lights ensure proper lighting of the prep area. An L-shaped set implies plenty of cabinets and shelves for convenient storage, and built-in appliances make the utilization of space more rational.

2-1-industrial-loft-style-bright-interior-design-with-red-and-yellow-accents-faux-cement-concrete-backsplash-double-cooker-hood-dining-table-chairs-kitchen-lamp-rough-wood-cabinets-blinds-built-in-hardware 2-2-industrial-loft-style-bright-interior-design-with-red-and-yellow-accents-kitchen-rought-wood-cabinets-lamp-dining-table-chairs-wall-recess-TV-set-venetian-blinds-and-curtains-wooden-floor-spot-lights

Entrance hall

A big closet for outer garments and a set of track lights will be responsible for the functional aspects of the entry zone. A bright red door, which looks like an integral part of the wall, will become a great color accent of this space, and thanks to a mirrored shelving unit in the corner it will seem a lot bigger than it really is.



The bedroom will be created in the remote part of the flat, behind a door in the angled wall. The only drawback of such a solution is that this room will be windowless. However, this flaw will be compensated by alternative sources of light: glass block inserts in the wall between the bedroom and living room, which will also play a decorative role, a couple of bedside lamps, spot lights along the perimeter of the room, and an eye-catchy red ring lamp giving dimmed light.


A built-in wall-to-wall closet will become a nice alternative to a pantry. Besides, it will give additional soundproofing effect, since the wall it adheres to is facing a common block of stairs on the other side. The decorative component will represented by an artwork hung above the bed and a scarlet rug on the floor. These two accents would be enough to link the bedroom interior to the design of the entire flat. Wooden planks on the ceiling are in charge of a dynamical aspect and they additionally accentuate the sleeping zone.



In the bathroom interior much attention will be paid to the lighting issue: a ceiling light in the middle of the room will be complemented with track lights along the room’s perimeter and backlights in the mirror zone. So many light sources are intended to compensate brutal dark gray wall and floor tiles with metallic effect. And the role of color accents will be given to a few yellow details.


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