8 Inspiring Interiors of Famous Italian Women

June 5, 2017
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Today we’d like to show you in what beautiful and comfortable houses modern women may live. A writer, a wine-shop owner, a bank clerk, a ballet dancer, a fashion designer, a sportswoman… Interested? :-)


It’s always interesting to see beautiful furniture not in a shop window or in a catalogue, but in a real interior, in which real people live. This year Lago, a famous Italian furniture manufacturer, decided to surprise the audience by creating as many as 8 interiors for 8 famous Italian women. Every interior is different and one-of-a-kind, but they all have one thing in common – woman’s tenderness and kindness.

1. Carla Fracci

The legend of the Italian ballet, so refined and airy, needed something pure and light. That is why the designers had their hearts set upon predominant white color palette, which creates perfect atmosphere for rest. And of course, the interior was designed with Carla’s profession in mind: this accounts for plenty of mirrors and even a ballet bar. In the end Mrs. Fracci got a bedroom entirely penetrated with the sense of serenity and harmony, which are the essentials of the notion of kindness.

1-1-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Carla-Fracci-pure-white-ballet-bar-bedroom-interior-curtains-total-white-airy-floating-bed-wall-mounted-nightstands-chest-of-drawers-rug-faux-windows 1-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Carla-Fracci-ballet-bar-pure-total-white-bedroom-interior-design

2. Patrizia Bambi

What does the founder of a fashion brand need for her house? Of course, it should be designed creatively and inspiring for something new. That’s why kindness of the owner of the Patrizia Pepe trade mark was expressed through an ultra-modern living room interior fulfilled with bright colors, flowers and wall art. Reading, listening to the music, watching good movies and thinking about something beautiful would be especially enjoyable in such atmosphere. And bringing her kindness to her works, of course…

2-1-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Patrizia-Bambi-Pepe-wall-mounted-cabinets-TV-stand-open-racks-shelves-dining-table-living-room-interior-design-brown-corner-sofa-yellow-rug-glass-coffee-table-base 2-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Patrizia-Bambi-Pepe-living-room-interior-design-brown-sofa-throw-pillows-yellow-rug-lounge-open-shelves

3. Cristina Celestino

A designer and architect needs her interior to be dynamical and clearly geometrical. But in Cristina’s image of the world kindness is something serene, non-eye-catchy and unostentatious, and hence the color range should be delicate and pastel.

3-1-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Cristina-Celestino-open-concept-living-dining-room-pastel-pink-walls-white-sofa-gray-wall-mounted-cabinets-round-dining-table-chairs 3-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Cristina-Celestino-pink-and-gray-bedroom-interior-design-romantic-glass-base-of-bed-fabric-lampshade-dressing-table-closet-loft-bed-floor-lamp

4. Chiara Gamberale

The whole world can be housing in the head of a writer, but how is the same possible when it comes to interior design? Lago’s designers found a way out – let’s not forget that a writer is also a reader. That is why Chiara’s living room is sooner a home library and cozy reading space, where she can re-charge her batteries reading a nice book by the fireplace, dreaming or inventing a new plot. So many thoughts and expressions of different people are concentrated in one room, and neither of them will sound hostile – that’s what kindness for Chiara Gamberale means.

4-1-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Chiara-Gamberale-contemporary-style-living-room-interior-design-wall-to-wall-bookshelves-home-library-gray-corner-sofa-with-glass-base-legs-coffee-table-fireplace 4-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Chiara-Gamberale-contemporary-style-living-room-interior-design-bookshelves-home-library-gray-corner-sofa-with-glass-base-legs-coffee-table-fireplace-round-mirrors

5. Mauricia Cacciatore

A professional volleyball player has an intimate knowledge of the fact how important working in a team and having people, who can support you by your side is. That is why the key aspect for her interior was hospitality, through which she would be able to express her kindness meeting dear people. Its centerpiece is a comfy pure white sofa, and pleasing wood grain of the table makes the space even more attractive.

5-1-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Mauricia-Cacciatore-living-room-interior-design-contemporary-style-big-white-corner-sofa-throw-pillows-bookshelves-open-racks-dining-table-chair-glass-legs-base 5-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Mauricia-Cacciatore-round-wooden-dining-table-chairs-white-flower-vase

6. Lella Golfo

Lella Golfo, a famous feminist and activist for women’s rights, wanted her interior to be as open and straight-up as her public position. Totally, so that people listened to you and believed you, you should live and generate your ideas in an appropriate environment. We believe that in this interior Lella Golfo would be able to do many good things.


7. Camilla Lunelli

Camilla is a genuine businesswoman engaged in the production and sales of nice wines and a mother of three kids at the same time. That’s why her customized interior had to be bar-style, yet free from stereotypical mannish stuff. And a woman working in the men’s team is still a woman, who doesn’t want to lose kindness.

7-1-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Camilla-Lunelli-open-concept-kitchen-living-room-interior-design-beige-sleek-handleless-cabinets-glossy-island-dining-tables-forest-wood-wall-mural 7-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Camilla-Lunelli-open-concept-kitchen-living-room-interior-design-beige-sleek-handleless-cabinets-glossy-island-dining-tables-forest-wood-wall-mural

It’s a single segment uniting women working in the banking system and women working on an equal footing with men in general. They all need kindness, which they can feel only at home, where they have rest, spend time with their husbands and kids, receive guests and work. It seems like this is the appropriate interior for these purposes.

8-1-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Intesa-Sanpaolo-studio-apartment-interior-design-projector-screen-round-dining-table-bedroom-TV-set-open-bookshelves-lounge 8-2-Lago-Italian-furniture-for-famous-women-Intesa-Sanpaolo-contemporary-style-living-room-lounge-projector-screen-white-corner-sofa-with-transparent-base-legs-kitchen-dining-room-studio-apartment-bed-TV-set

Home for a woman is the place where she can be herself, feel safe and be engaged in her favorite activities. We had a sneak peek at 8 different interiors of women with different tempers, lifestyles and habits. However, they all are a little bit similar. Contemporary and full of energy, they are created for comfortable living of those, who understand that having a cozy home is important no matter what your profession is.

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