Paper Garlands: Home Décor That Makes You Happier

June 5, 2017
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Computers are a great invention of the humankind. But sometimes we even forget how our handwriting looks. That’s why this Monday we decided to start the week from sweet memories of our childhood – making paper garlands with our own hands. Remember how it used to be – colored paper, a hole punch, a set of marker-pens, a reel of thread, glue… Now nothing much has changed in the technology except for the greater diversity of ideas. So, if you feel like creating something with your own hands in the near future, have a look at this post!


Paper garland – a stylish piece of home décor

What do you think about origami? In fact, any handmade paper craft can be turned into an element of a garland – Japanese cranes, little glued houses and just common golden cardboard stars. All you need to do to make your paper piece look stylish, gorgeous and up-to-date is to hang it not in the style of a kindergarten matinee, but in the way qualified decorators of the 21st century do – on a few threads, equally-spaced, but on multiple levels.

1-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-Japanese-origami-cranes 2-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-stars-glued-little-houses

Simple, yet original paper garlands

At first sight the garlands below look very impressive, but on looking closer you understand that they’re extremely easy to make. The Internet is fully packed with versatile templates – all you have to do is to select paper correctly and make some effort.

3-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-feathers-from-templates 4-2-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-flowers-mantelpiece-fireplace-decoration 4-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-tropical-motifs-foliage-leaves-flower-blue-white-green

Handmade paper garlands

And these handmade paper garlands are a little more time and effort-consuming. However, even a child can quickly get to the bottom of step-by-step instructions for making such sweet stuff and will remind you about the forgotten world of glue sticks, wrapping paper and colorful lacing.

5-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-pastel-pink-air-balloons 6-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-air-balloons-balls 7-handmade-colored-paper-garlands-ideas-home-decor-party-holiday-diamonds-ice-creams-corrugated-goffred-wrapping-paper

Holiday paper garlands

There’s no need to look for something extraordinary when you’re planning a party. Just have a look at everything mentioned above and do the same thing from golden or silvery paper and that’s it! And you may surely add the spice to your garland with the help of beads, ribbons, photos or LED lights. The win-win option is to bring your ideas together in a sketch and then implement them in the reality. You’ll surely have something incredible in the end!


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