Magical Kid’s Playroom Designed in Style of a Forest Fairy-Tale

June 6, 2017

Do you want your kid to feel like a fairy-tale hero in a forest glade? Create an exclusive playroom for him or her! It’s possible even in irregular-shaped areas with low and sloped ceilings. Thus, Mollie Openshaw, a designer from Washington, managed to make her childhood dreams come true in the playroom she designed for her kids. When she was a little girl, she saw herself as a fairy and dreamed of having a small forest glade right in her bedroom. Now Mollie is a grown-up, but her childhood dreams are still with her, and she decided to present a fairy-tale to her kids. Let’s have a sneak peek at what she did!


Attic floor room: rational approach

This playroom is located on the attic floor. As a rule, such space can’t boast having big areas, and Mollie did her best to make the most of each of 7 square meters. To expand and counterbalance visual boundaries of the non-standard space, she opted for light colors in both ceiling and wall décor. They’re pleasing to the eye and create a perfect background for a fairy-tale glade. Kids love small spaces, where they can dream, play and watch the world around from a window.


3D format

Forest theme can be found in almost every interior detail. The space is penetrated with magical atmosphere, and this is to a great extent due to the presence of 3D elements. Mollie prepared the sketches of grass, clouds, leaves and snail-slide, and her husband, a craftsman by profession, carved all these images in wood and fixed all the details with glue and nails. All the pieces are made from MDF; this material is more light-weight than veneer, easier to process and more appropriate for creating fanciful shapes.

2-kid's-playroom-toddler-room-interior-design-window-sill-bench-carved-wooden-decor-grass-shaped-wall-tree-fly-agaric-ottomans-fairy-tale-magical-woodland (2)

A detail that deserves a special mention is cloud-shaped bookshelves that seem to be floating in the air. The toys displayed on them look like travelers on the clouds.


Beauty + functionality

Despite the fact that Mollie was passionate about implementing her childhood dreams, she didn’t forget about fundamental “serious” aspects, like shelves and storage baskets easily reachable by kids.

A low cabinet by the window is in fact multifunctional – it’s not just a storage spot, but also a nice window bench and observation post. Mollie planned it as a cozy reading nook and added a few soft comfy throw pillows and a lantern.


Fly-agarics and stumps

The playroom looks like a genuine forest glade. And to make the magical atmosphere even more realistic, conventional kids’ chairs were replace with compact ottomans shaped like bright fly-agarics and stumps. The stumps were complemented with small leaves that play the role of handles for the sake of improved mobility.


Sun lamp

A small, yet important detail adding to the sense of coziness is a decorated sun-shaped wall lamp by IKEA. It’s like a warming finishing touch in the interior of the room.


In a word, we enjoyed the way this playroom is organized with kids’ needs and lifestyles in mind. It’s a good example of how parents can give their kids the world of a fairy-tale and kindness :-)

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