Unhackneyed Approach to Scandinavian Style in Moscow Apartment

June 7, 2017
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It should seem that an apartment designed in Scandinavian style can hardly surprise anyone. It’s widely popular among designers, decorators and common people, and finding furniture in this style is not a problem at all. However, skeptics keep saying that white walls are dull, and apartments of most European countries are not fit for Scandinavian style at all: they have small windows, lack sunlight, and hence their interiors remind more of hospital wards. The authors of the project we’d like to show you in this post faced this challenge and designed an apartment in Scandinavian style with non-white walls and panoramic windows – an exemplary model indeed!


This cozy apartment in a newly-built modern house belongs to a young family with one kid. The clients summed up their wishes as follows: “a light and spacious interior with a kitchen open to the living room, two bedrooms (for a kid and parents) and bright, cheerful accents”.

The designer team decided to set their choice upon Scandinavian style refreshed with interesting unhackneyed details. For a start the walls in the open-concept space were finished with… plywood! Thanks to this trick the room looks warm and cozy in any weather and beautiful wood grain sets homey country-house atmosphere.

These cheerful finishes create a great background for warm color accents such as lamps, throw pillows and a bright green retro-style refrigerator in the kitchen. So that the light interior didn’t look empty and too austere, as is usually the case in faulty Scandinavian interiors, the designers used many diverse pieces of furniture and décor – mismatched dining chairs, coffee tables and lamps. This made the project more functional, and thanks to two walk-in closets the hosts will never have storage issues.


The master bedroom is stylistically connected with the rest of the apartment by means of a plywood wall behind the headboard. This finishing as well as a rug with geometrical patterns are main ornamental accents of this room. Given that this bedroom is meant only for rest and sleep, they’re pretty enough for one room. Thanks to a huge window this space will always be filled with light, though there are neutral light curtains envisaged for the sake of privacy. By the way, in the public zone you wouldn’t find curtains – it’s a tribute to genuine Scandinavian interiors and a trick for making the space more dynamical and open.


Geometric theme set in the parents’ bedroom “penetrated” into the kid’s room as well. Here there are no plywood walls – this solution allows for changing the wall décor as the toddler grows up and his tastes evolve. For the same reason the room wasn’t cluttered with much furniture: just a play zone, a bed and some small stuff for the sake of coziness – that’s what the youngest family member needs right now.


In the bathroom our eyes catch the familiar triangular pattern again. Original accents of this zone are a fancifully-shaped asymmetrical mirror and a non-white WC matching the dominating color of the floor tiles.


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