New Scandinavian Style: What Is It Like?

June 8, 2017
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Scandinavian style, which emerged over 100 years ago, is still one of the most popular interior trends in European design. But over time designers learned to adapt its quite monochrome and minimalistic palette for non-Scandinavian interiors and mix it with elements of different styles. However, introducing non-standard details into Scandinavian aesthetics should be done very carefully and competently, and hence we decided to prepare a list of furniture and home décor pieces that can be safely fit into Scandinavian style.


Sophisticated art-deco motifs

Finding interesting and unhackneyed details in simple and democratic Scandinavian-style interiors is not so surprising now: brass finishes in lamps, furniture and accessories, luxurious natural stone surfaces, versatile upholstery fabrics and other elements that we could hardly imagine within white walls a decade ago are now becoming increasingly popular. The most important thing about adding art-deco motifs is to make sure they do not detract from the beauty of Scandinavian style, but rather complement and refresh it.

Beatle Unupholstered Chair

Parts of this classical Danish chair remind of a bug: a seat and backrest resemble a shell supported by slim elegant legs. Seven available plastics colors and two options of leg finishes guarantee that the right option can be found for any interior.

1-1-pink-plastic-Beatle-Unupholstered-Chair-Denmark-slim-black-legs-by-Gubi 1-2-Gubi-plastic-Beatle-Unupholstered-Chairs-Denmark-slim-black-legs

Deco Coffee Table

A laconic coffee table with purely art-deco-style pattern was created by a young Russian designer Victoria Kazarma. It’s available in golden and bronze metallic.


Shapes and bright colors of 1950-60s

A quiet pastel color palette typical of Scandinavian interiors can be diluted with bright saturated colors and furniture shapes that were top interior trends of 1950s.

Thimon Chest Of Drawers

A line of tall chests of drawers by the Idea brand features a few models in light and dark wood with different prints. Thanks to four roomy drawers it’s very simple to keep your belongings neatly organized.

3-1-Thimon-multicolor-chest-of-drawers-tall-4-drawers-black-white-blue-geometrical-pattern 3-2-Thimon-multicolor-chest-of-drawers-tall-4-drawers-yellow-white-gray-geometrical-pattern 3-3-Thimon-blue-chest-of-drawers-light-wood-4-drawers-tall-delicate-pastel-pattern

Grashoppa Desk Lamp

Grashoppa is a re-make of a lamp created by Greta Grossman back in 1947. Its base and arm are made in brass and the lampshade color is optional.

4-1-blue-lampshade-Grasshoppa-desk-lamp-brass 4-2-white-lampshade-Grasshoppa-desk-lamp-brass 4-3-black-lampshade-Grasshoppa-desk-lamp-brass


Wood is a must-have of Scandinavian interiors, and not just in floor finishes, but also in wall and ceiling décor. Veneer is a popular modern trend which becomes more and more widely spread in Europe and America. Besides, this material is actively used in furniture production.

Visu Lounge Chair

A compact size and ergonomical seat make this chair perfect not just for small apartments, but also for public places such as offices and cafes. It is available in natural and painted wood.

5-1-veneer-chair-light-pastel-green-visu-lounge-chair 5-2-veneer-chair-light-pastel-pink-visu-lounge-chair

Täby Table

Sophisticated and elegant, the Täby may play the role of a work desk or a dining table. There are several sizes and five colors available.

6-1-Täby-round-dining-table-3-inclined-sloped-legs-natural-wood-top 6-2-Täby-round-dining-table-3-inclined-sloped-legs-natural-wood-top-green-painted 6-4-Täby-round-dining-table-3-inclined-sloped-legs-natural-wood-top-salmon-pink-painted

Graphic lines of frameworks

Scandinavian style is very close to minimalism, and hence traditionally features big even surfaces, which create a perfect background for graphic frameworks of furniture and lamps.

Mass Na 5 Lamp

A laconic lamp with milky white bulb and metal or marble base can be hung independently or coupled with other lamps from the same series. It’s good for both private and public spaces.

7-3-mass-na-5-pendant-lamp-laconic-matte-gold-base-milky-white-bulb-pink-gold-black-marble 7-2-mass-na-5-pendant-lamp-laconic-matte-gold-base-milky-white-bulb

AAS 38/39 Bar Stool

This bar stool designed by Hee Welling has two height, three leg color and two seat options (leather or fabric). Its name stands for About a Stool.

8-1-AAS-3839-Bar-Stool-design-by-Hee-Welling-white-seat-black-metal-frame 8-2-AAS-3839-Bar-Stool-design-by-Hee-Welling-black-seat-black-metal-frame

Dark shades

Scandinavian style is characterized by domination of white color, light and pastel hues and light wood. However, today we more and more often come across Scandinavian interiors with predominant dark color palette. Such interpretation of this style looks very unhackneyed and even elegant.

Bristol Sofa

Rounded shapes of this sofa remind of typical upholstered furniture of the 1950s. Inclined arm-rests, a row of buttons and natural oak legs add it a touch of playfulness.

9-1-bristol-retro-style-sofa-black-1950s-ears-buttons-inclined-sloped-arm-rests 9-2-bristol-retro-style-sofa-black-1950s-ears-buttons-inclined-sloped-arm-rests

Vintage Teak Chest of Drawers

It would look perfect by the deep dark wall and may easily become a centerpiece of a Scandinavian interior.

10-1-teak-vintage-chest-of-drawers-tall-6-drawers 10-2-teak-vintage-chest-of-drawers-tall-6-drawers 10-3-teak-vintage-chest-of-drawers-tall-6-drawers 10-4-teak-vintage-chest-of-drawers-tall-6-drawers

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