15 Ideas for Stylish Country Living Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

June 15, 2017
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When it comes to moving to the countryside, our mind unintentionally conjures up images of a tiny old chumble-down log cabin. Today we decided to challenge this common misconception and tell you a story of a family couple, who moved to a wonderful cottage filled with history and bringing true joy of country lifestyle.


It all started when Sally and Rob Farrow decided to leave the noisy and busy city of Greenwich for a slower tranquil countryside of Lidham Hill. They spent two years to find their future dream home, and in the end the Farrow family became happy owners of two attached houses. One of them is designed in Victorian style and decorated with classical moldings, and the other represents a typical cottage of the 16th century filled with the spirit of history and loads of unique interior solutions.

The change of the place of living had a crucial influence on Sally and Rob’s lifestyle – as soon as they became proud owners of 6 acres of land, a decision to start a home farm and raise cows and pigs arrived on its own. Managing to run a farm and keep an unusual house clean and tidy is quite challenging. But Sally and Rob handle these tasks easily, skillfully using smart household tricks. And here are 15 ideas for a country house interior by Rob and Sally…

Don’t say goodbye to old stuff

In pursuit of trendy novelties and modern materials don’t be too quick to throw your past away. Things with a history make spaces homier and cozier; this is a fact proven by dozens of generations. So, if a piece of old furniture came to you through your ancestors, it’s a great chance to add a touch of vintage to your house for almost nothing. Thus, an old scratched chest of drawers with the spirit of history may perfectly fit into your bedroom…


Being just re-upholstered, an old arm-chair will get a new life and give you a nice cozy nook for reading a book from the home library.


Carpets are frequently underestimated and deemed a feature of non-stylish interiors. But in Rob and Sally’s house they looks pretty organic, especially in the company of an old fireplace, retro candlesticks and a pile of firewood, which take the guests of this house at least two centuries back…


Never re-make basic elements of the house if their condition is still sound. For instance, the masters wouldn’t replace this charming stairs in polished red bricks and never regretted that decision.


Here the beams are an integral load-bearing part of the building of the 16th century. But why not use faux beams that look so decorative? A space can be spectacularly zoned by beams arranged above the centerpiece of the room: above the bed in the bedroom, for example. A smooth transition from the ceiling to the wall visually transforms the space. On the walls you may opt for thinner logs or use fake pieces. And retro-style lamps attached to the beams will bring a sweet finishing touch to the ornamental composition.

5-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-cottage-living-room-fireplace-stove-brick-masonry-aged-floor-sofa-ceiling-beams-floor-lamp 6-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-attic-floor-loft-sloped-ceiling-wooden-ceiling-beams-white-walls-iron-metal-bed-aged-floor-shaggy-carpet-rug

Who will have the heart to throw away an antique mirror in a gold-plated frame? Rob and Sally created a fanciful makeshift stand for it out of common tree stumps. In a word, look around and check what else can be used more efficiently in your home!


Mix old and new

Shabby parquetry pattern, old brickwork, solid oak wood beams, naturally aged furniture – these are parts of interior that keep its history. With them the house looks more personalized and accentuates the job and lifestyle of its owners. Though, some pieces have to be restored. Or complemented with something of a kind from modern stores – artificially aged stuff and small, yet important vintage-style details would perfectly blend with such interiors. Pay attention to the feet of this bathtub, for instance.


But in some rooms, like kids’ spaces, just a few touches of history would be enough against the background of contemporary materials and furniture. A pink iron bed, butterflies and a unicorn head on the wall are found in the girl’s bedroom. And the boy chose a dark hole in the wall, a warning sign on the door and posters with super heroes, of course.

9-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-wooden-floor-kids'-boy's-bedroom-room-wooden-door-warning-sign-bed-white-walls 10-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-pink-girl's-bedroom-room-iron-metal-bed-book-piles-much-stuff-cluttered

But the most contemporary room of both houses is undoubtedly the bathroom. A big glass walk-in shower is what our happy country family need after a long work day in the fresh air.


Create your own family’s nest

Such houses are designed for ages ahead, and we believe that the next generations would tell stories about Sally and Rob, who created all this beauty. And portraits of kids on the walls are a great start for a new family tradition.


If you, like our today’s characters, got a house with a history, don’t be afraid to run afoul of the interior solutions made by the ex-owners – it’s your house now, anyway! That is how the Victorian part of Sally and Rob’s house got a spacious bedroom and living room, which resulted from tearing down the wall between two adjoining rooms. The bedroom walls are painted saturated blue and decorated with Marilyn Monroe’s portrait.

14-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-bedroom-black-leather-upholstered-bed-eclectic-fireplace-blue-walls-lamp-chair-bulbs-roman-blinds 13-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-living-room-English-cottage-chest-of-drawers-wooded-arm-chair-fireplace-aged-floor-crapet-ceiling-beams-low-ceiling

Be closer to the nature

Never hesitate to bring a part of your lush green garden inside the house – let it be just a vase with tulips, a branch of pussy willow or a bowl with fresh apples. You’d surely enjoy your room filled with colors, aromas and ultimate sense of coziness…

15-1-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-kitchen-open-racks-red-brick-floor-masonry-wooden-shelving-unit-shelves-tulips-jug-cookware-jars 15-2-old-country-house-interior-design-vintage-style-kid's-portrait-chest-of-drawers-lamp-apple-vase-bowl-pussy-willow-branches

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