13 Wicker Pieces of Home Décor for Your Fresh Summer Mood

June 21, 2017
Posted in Decor

Wicker stuff has a gorgeous feature – being closely associated with peaceful countryside lifestyle, it is able to add a touch of relaxed summer atmosphere even to a modern urban apartment. Nowadays wicker home décor can be found in any price categories and is available both in natural and synthetic materials. In this post we selected 13 fresh wicker pieces from the latest home décor collections for your inspiration…


1. Bowls

These wicker baskets from the DAWI Collection by Habitat (UK) are absolutely eco-friendly: they’re hand-made from sea grass. And thanks to a multi-colored flower pattern they would form a great centerpiece of any summer table setting.


2. Lamps

SARN pendant lamps were designed for Specimen Editions by Thinkk Studio. The guys create customized lampshades from palm leaf fibers using original production technology.


3. Hanging baskets

SOLROSFRÖ is a new wicker hanging planter created by IKEA (design by Maria Vinka). With a steel frame and polyester pot, it’s fit for both outdoor and indoor use..


4. Arm-chairs

This wicker lounge arm-chair dubbed CARIBE is made by the Ames brand. It’s produced with a special “momposino” weaving technique from tubular steel and plastic string in a wonderful place of the Caribbean coast named Santa Marta.


5. Plant stands

One more piece of IKEA’s new SOLROSFRÖ collection is a wicker plant stand with a steel frame and gray polyester finish. Design by Maria Vinka.


6. Baskets

This traditional wicker basket by Zara Home is brightened up with trendy ombre effect.


7. Vases

Each decorative JASSA vase designed by Iina Vuorivirta for IKEA is one-of-a-kind – hand-made from sea grass, a wonderful renewable natural material. This vase is non-waterproof and hence exclusively ornamental.


8. Floor lamps

These gorgeous eco-style natural rattan SPIN floor lamps were designed by Michael Sodeau for Gervasoni.


9. Bags

One more piece designed by Iina Vuorivirta for IKEA is a set of multi-colored bags with wide bottoms from the JASSA collection. Each bag is hand-made from sea-grass and coated with lacquer.


10. Rugs

Double-sided STICKAT rugs designed by Annie Huldén for IKEA are made from synthetic fibers. They’re easy to care, durable and stain-resistant and can be turned over for longer use, since both sides look absolutely equal.


11. Baskets

One more wicker basket by Zara Home – made from natural fibers and painted silver.


12. Coffee tables

This CARIBE coffee table has a metal frame woven with bright plastic string, which is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Its creation was inspired by lively, cheerful Caribbean coasts of Colombia. Design by Sebastian Herkner for Ames.


13. Arm-chairs

The IMBA arm-chair designed by Federica Capitani for the Moroso brand is hand-made from polyethylene strings in Dakar, Africa, and bears the warmth of hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind artifact created for good rest.


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